Michael Barnas, 2014 Honoree

Applications and development director, UKMEA, U.S. and Asia-Pacific regions
New titles in your IT organization:
We've added geographic regions to many senior IT management position that now focus on employing global standards and strategies effectively.
How many times have you had to reinvent yourself in your career?
Many times as the scope and needs of my role have expanded with firm growth. One of the most recent has been needing to understand both local standards and work cultures around the world to help manage various technology changes throughout the firm.
A recent example of your leadership style:
My one-on-one style centers on listening and understanding -- not only to be sensitive to others, but to appreciate our diversity and encourage collaboration between our teams, and colleagues across the globe. This has been critical in helping to introduce initiatives and implement global strategies across our firm in the right way for each region, reflecting differences in communication and workstyles.
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