Kathleen M. Scheirman, 2013 Honoree

Senior vice president of IT, corporate services business information officer
Kaiser Permanente
Oakland, Calif.
Skills you'll hire for this year:
Business intelligence and analytic technical skills are a current hiring focus for us and will continue to be. Kaiser Permanente's mature electronic medical record system contains patient data for 9 million members. Performing analytics on that data to develop better care protocols will improve healthcare for everyone.
Boldest IT prediction:
This isn't so much out on a limb as it is 'it's about time:' Recent technology advances have converged so that speech recognition can finally be used to its fullest potential as a main user interface channel. Imagine the productivity gain physicians and caregivers will see by using their voices to call up patient information or order medications, versus typing commands on a keyboard. Read the full profile
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