Steve Mills, 2013 Honoree

Rackspace Hosting
San Antonio
Coolest current project:
Our BI team has built a dynamic big data warehouse using the Rackspace open cloud. It is powered by a rules engine that dynamically adds capacity as needed and frees it up when demand decreases. We are using this capability to process monitoring and performance data and power dynamic dashboards using Cassandra, but there is more potential to use other noSQL technologies or SQL databases like PostgreSQL to power other big data applications as well as traditional data warehousing. We have built the entire stack using open-source technologies and see a lot of potential for cost savings as well as flexibility using this approach.
Characteristic most important in an IT hire:
Curiosity, open-mindedness. People who have these traits are often able and willing to move into a new environment, listen, learn and become effective more quickly.
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