Greg Meyers, 2013 Honoree

Vice president, IT
Biogen Idec
Weston, Mass.
A recent example of your leadership style:
I consider myself a coach who needs to bring his best listening to each and every conversation. It's through powerful listening, not speaking, that inspiration happens.
Skills you'll hire for this year:
Business intelligence, leaders for IT outside the U.S. and professionals who can work with third-party providers.
A career highlight:
When I was a junior consultant, the partner who was my boss got ill right before his keynote to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. I had to fill in for him, and there I was, at age 23, speaking to a room full of prime ministers and some of Europe's smartest economists.
Coolest current project:
Custom-built CRM tool built in HTML 5.0 on the iPad for our European salesforce.
Quick ROI project:
Converting from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook 2010. Read the full profile
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