Warren Kudman, 2013 Honoree

Vice president and CIO
Sealed Air Corp.
Elmwood Park, N.J.
A task you've delegated this year:
I've given one of my direct reports responsibility to lead the team that is partnering with the business to develop IT-enabled solutions for direct use by customers.
Your relationship with a key business leader:
I have a very strong relationship with our CEO, based on trust, where I am able to approach him with opportunities or issues, and he is able to more comfortably support investments in IT.
A career highlight:
I was asked to be the overall integration program leader for Sealed Air's acquisition of Diversey, a $3.2 billion company.
Boldest IT prediction:
Siri-type technology will begin to be applied to the big data/analytics arena so we can start asking our systems to give us answers to management inquiries (think Star Trek computers).
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