Lakshman Charanjiva, 2013 Honoree

Vice president and CIO
NextEra Energy Inc.
Juno Beach, Fla.
Coolest current project:
Smart Grid technologies. An IT professional's progress is often marked by service-level agreements, key performance indicators and other metrics. With Smart Grid, we are literally building a better future for our children and generations to come.
Quick ROI project:
Built upon a strong data foundation, our Customer Experience System is the first of its kind. It takes a 360-degree view of all aspects of customer interaction. Using agile techniques, we quickly developed and deployed tools to our care center and field personnel that have reduced time to respond and improved customer satisfaction and enablement.
How do you evaluate emerging technologies?
We use a hybrid approach where both central IT and business units use a combination of innovation centers, vendor partnership and strategic investment groups to identify solutions with business promise.
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