Matt Butcher, 2013 Honoree

Karl Storz Endoskope
El Segundo, Calif.
New titles in your IT organization:
We created a technology innovation department with several solution architect roles. We also added a financial analyst role.
A recent great deal from a vendor:
I was working with a major software vendor on licensing for a new module. He was proposing the same old standard 40% discount that I normally get. By waiting until the end of the quarter and by bundling in another purchase, I was able to get the discount at 70%.
A career highlight:
I started as a midnight-shift computer operator and taught myself to be a Fortran programmer. That was my ticket out of computer operations.
Coolest current project:
Providing a mobile app that allows field service employees and sales reps to update software on our devices and, most importantly, update SAP with the revision so we remain FDA-compliant.
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