Gary Bateman, 2013 Honoree

Iowa Workforce Development
Des Moines, Iowa
Characteristic most important in an IT hire:
Passion. Talent runs a close second, but even talent is useless without passion.
Skills you'll hire for this year:
Java, .Net, Oracle, SQL and BI.
How are you turning your IT department into a services organization?
Teaching IT staffers the concepts of business and pairing them with business units to experience business first-hand. I want my staff to lead the transformation of business process redesign, and to be successful, they have to know business.
Coolest current project:
Redesigning our unemployment insurance benefits system from a legacy batch system that is case-centric to an online system that is client-centric.
How do you evaluate emerging technologies?
We have developed an 'innovations committee' to research emerging technologies. If we think a technology looks promising, we try it as a pilot project.
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