Gina Tomlinson, 2012 Honoree

Chief technology officer
City and County of San Francisco
San Francisco,
How have you incorporated social media into your own work?
My team and I utilize Twitter and texting daily.
An example of your personal leadership style:
I tend to flourish when my back is against the wall. Negotiations to implement email in the cloud required a dogged determination to not give in to the overwhelming pressure for the culture to remain 'as is.' I was committed to uplifting the technical footprint in the city.
Job responsibility you'd like to delete?
The politics of my job -- the need to cajole, coerce and indulge in order to get the 'right thing' done for the city.
What characteristic is most important to you in an IT hire?
Accountability, integrity and a passion for technology that has impact on the lives of our constituents in the city.
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