Cheryl Y. Whitis, 2011 Honoree

Vice president and CIO, Network Centric Systems
Raytheon Co.
Waltham, Mass.
Coolest current project:
"I'm executive sponsor for the Raytheon Asian Pacific Association of North Texas. Their core mission is dual-focused on community engagement and business development. The strategic importance of this organization can't be understated -- it leverages the expertise of our employees who have cultural ties to the new markets we're pursuing."
Quick-ROI project:
"In 2009, IT achieved $1.5 million in cost savings for Network Centric Systems by leading supplier negotiations that resulted in six new software agreements. We also achieved $750,000 in cost savings through software license utilization monitoring and national server license deployment, and by forming steering teams to accelerate the adoption of national standards."
How do you evaluate emerging technologies?
"We identify and monitor strategic emerging technologies in a technology road map, vetted with strategic partners and aligned with business strategy."
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