Amy Wang, 2011 Honoree

Director of Information Services
Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital
West Bloomfield, Mich.
A career highlight:
"The opening of the Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital. It has been an incredible journey, and every day that I walk through our peaceful surroundings I reflect on the teamwork that was required to make this possible."
Coolest current project:
"A patient ID card system that allows a quick swipe to check into our facilities. This system securely allows the patient to speedily register and eliminates human errors from the process. This is helpful in preventing the duplication of patient records and improves wait times."
Quick-ROI project:
"We implemented an electronic time-keeping system to reduce overtime and maximize the workforce. This initiative allowed us to track scheduling, build efficiencies and create a better work-life balance for our staff. We expect a significant ROI between dollars saved and improved employee satisfaction."
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