Eric Lindgren, 2011 Honoree

Vice president, CIO
PerkinElmer Inc.
Waltham, Mass.
An innovative staff idea:
"Implementing Symantec DLO on all of our laptops globally. Now every laptop is automatically backed up daily, and we experience almost no data loss when a laptop is stolen or a hard drive fails."
Boldest IT prediction for the next 5 years:
"In five years, I believe most organizations will be moving away from all client software, especially the use of Microsoft Office."
How do you evaluate emerging technologies?
"Being a midsize company, we can't look at every new technology; we need to place bigger bets on a smaller number that look promising. We continually look at new technologies and how they might enable the goals of the company. We work with advisory firms and peer groups to also get external input into the viability and return of various emerging technologies."
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