Jay D. Leader, 2011 Honoree

Senior vice president and CIO
iRobot Corp.
Bedford, Mass.
Quick-ROI project:
"Implementation of a SharePoint intranet site. Demand is so high that we're turning people away from training because we don't have enough seats."
Boldest IT prediction for the next 5 years:
"Cloud computing will be exposed as a wildly overhyped silver bullet that many companies will be unable to leverage due to security and application integration concerns."
Most important technology to the business:
"Business intelligence. Turning data into information is key to staying ahead in a fiercely competitive space."
How are you building an IT department for the next 10 years?
"We are very focused on process analysis and program management. Everything else can be outsourced, but these things are the most critical to everyday life and success."
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