Brandon J. Jackson, 2011 Honoree

Gaston County
Gaston County, N.C.
Boldest IT prediction for the next 5 years:
"Flash drives will be replaced by data storage that fits in your wallet like a credit card."
Most important technology to the organization:
"Workflow automation. Government business is very transaction-oriented, and those transactions are very repetitive and relatively easy to automate. Cost-effective workflow automation is key to cost reductions in government."
Best green-IT project:
"We have virtualized over 60% of our server fleet already and are wrapping up a pilot for desktop virtualization before a major rollout next year."
How do you evaluate emerging technologies?
"As a government entity, risk tolerance is relatively low. We watch, read and study emerging technology and think of ways it might be able to help what we do. While we welcome cutting-edge technology that fits us, we try to stay away from the bleeding edge."
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