Simon Thompson, 2010 Honoree

Vice president, information systems
Mitel Networks Corp.
Kanata,, Ontario, Canada
First job:
Washing cars
Most valuable career advice:
"Leave it better for the next guy. There will be a next guy."
Favorite vice:
"Cold beer on a hot afternoon."
Would you advise young people to pursue an IT career?
"Yes, but not for IT's sake -- focus on IT as an enabler to achieve something, not as an end in itself."
If I were not in this business, I would probably be...
"a landscape gardener."
Favorite gadget:
"A Garmin Forerunner GPS for running."
Leadership philosophy in a nutshell:
"Don't be afraid to say, 'I don't understand,' since that means you're paying attention. Accountability is very important, but allow failures to occur. Don't try to find scapegoats."
Recreational best:
Reached an altitude of 20,000 feet altitude while mountaineering.
Favorite sport:
Mountain biking
What's in your MP3 or CD player right now?
Janis Joplin
In high school, I was...
"a beekeeper."
A recent great read:
Stalingrad: The Fateful Siege: 1942-1943, by Antony Beevor
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