Jeffrey B. Pattison, 2010 Honoree

Parsippany,, N.J.
First job:
"Selling auto parts in my uncle's store."
Most valuable career advice:
"Always be friends with your clients. Friends can work through any challenge."
Favorite vice:
"Driving too fast in cars that are meant to be driven fast."
Title you'd like to hold someday:
"Already have the title of dad, someday would like to be called grand-dad."
If I were not in this business, I would probably be...
"a veterinarian."
Favorite gadget:
Kindle 2
Ask me to do anything but...
"Sit still."
Passion outside of work:
"I'm an exercise junkie (running, biking, weight training)."
Recreational best:
"I ran a 5K in 23 minutes."
Technology pet peeve:
Every friend or family member thinks I am their personal desktop support solution (that is why I tell them to get a Mac!)."
A recent great read:
Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln, by Doris Kearns Goodwin
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