Dominic A. Nessi, 2010 Honoree

Deputy executive director, CIO
Los Angeles World Airports
Los Angeles
First job:
"Like every other kid, a newspaper route. I took it very seriously."
Most valuable career advice:
"Measure twice, cut once."
Favorite vice:
"All Chicago sports (Cubs, not White Sox)."
Would you advise young people to pursue an IT career?
"Yes. IT is the foundation for every business process they will encounter."
If I were not in this business, I would probably be...
"doing some sort of volunteer work, probably with the American Indian community."
Favorite gadget:
"My iPod."
Leadership philosophy in a nutshell:
"Anything can be accomplished with a good plan and committed people."
Ask me to do anything but...
"eat raw fish."
Passions outside of work:
"Biking, traveling and guitar (I'm not good, but enthusiastic)."
Technology pet peeve:
"Overcomplication on everything."
Favorite TV show:
King of Queens
What's the most interesting thing people don't know about you?
"I have been running a Native American youth program for 24 years. Next year is our silver anniversary."
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