Thomas A. Druby, 2010 Honoree

Vice president of technology, enterprise CIO
Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania
Wilkes Barre,, Pa.
Most valuable career advice:
"Never worry about the things you cannot control."
Favorite vice:
"Gadgets! I am constantly looking at and reviewing gadgets, especially smartphones."
Title you'd like to hold someday:
"Chief operating officer at a midsize company or a start-up."
If I were not in this business, I would probably be ..
"working at Gartner."
Favorite gadget:
"It was an iPhone, but I now have my eyes on the Nokia N97."
Leadership philosophy in a nutshell:
"Leadership is all about being successful through the success of others."
Ask me to do anything but...
"sit in meetings all day."
Favorite sport:
What's in your MP3 or CD player right now?
70s and '80s rock
Favorite TV show:
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