Daniel S. Wakeman, 2009 Honoree

Vice president, CIO
Educational Testing Service
Princeton, , N.J.
First job:
"Cutting grass."
Leadership philosophy in a nutshell:
"You are what you do, so do what you want to be and do it well."
Most valuable career advice:
"There is a fine line between the things you want and the things you are willing to do."
Favorite vice:
What do you love about IT?
Best mentoring relationship:
"When in the Air Force, the civilian manager took me under his wing and instilled in me the confidence to do more than I thought I was capable of."
People you'd invite to your dream dinner party:
Ben Franklin, Winston Churchill and Socrates
Passion outside of work:
"My family."
Favorite sport:
"Aha" leadership moment:
"Not long ago I came to see a significant change in some of my direct reports. They were no longer just following my lead, but taking independent action as leaders themselves. They had become change agents toward our shared vision. I came to realize that
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