Chris N. Saneda, 2009 Honoree

Senior vice president, CIO
Virginia Credit Union
Richmond, , Va.
First job:
"Washing dishes at a 24/7 truck stop. It prepared me for the job I now perform every night -- after-dinner clean-up!"
Most valuable career advice:
"A good friend once told me, 'The only thing holding you back is yourself.' She said I was too cautious. Soon thereafter I changed jobs -- a move that launched my CIO career."
What do you love about IT?
"Technology enables. Whether it be business, health or social issue, technology has the opportunity to make a situation better. This is a wonderful feeling to have an opportunity to face and conquer challenges that result in a positive impact."
In whom do you confide when weighing professional decisions?
"My wife. She offers insight and perspective that is invaluable. I need go no further than her."
What's in your MP3 player?
"Jimmy Buffett. He takes me to my happy place."
Leadership philosophy in a nutshell:
"Provide people 'bandwidth' to experiment, grow and learn. Within the bandwidth, individuals define their own approach to achieve goals. When appropriate, I provide subtle coaching and mentorship that allows staff to find their own path back to working w
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