Carol D. Poulsen, 2009 Honoree

Vice president of application services, global technology and operations,
RBC Financial Group
First job:
"I was the night secretary at a real estate office."
Most valuable career advice:
"Watch everyone for great skills and approaches to make your own (not just those who are senior to you)."
Favorite vice:
Title you'd like to hold someday:
What do you love about IT?
"The people in IT. Great imaginations and creativity."
People you'd invite to your dream dinner party:
Queen Elizabeth I, Mahatma Gandhi, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Stephen Hawking
Passion outside of work:
"My children."
Your recreational best:
"Two par holes in one game of golf!"
Favorite sport:
What about you would surprise the people you work with?
"I met my husband in Japanese language class."
Leadership philosophy in a nutshell:
"As a leader, my role is to give clear direction, get the best people in the right roles and let them meet our targets with all of their individual creativity, talent and teamwork. I grow new leaders, who in turn will themselves grow new leaders."
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