Robert L. Jacks, 2009 Honoree

The Chickasaw Nation
Ada, , la.
First job:
Pumping gas
Life's ambition or title you'd like to hold someday:
Best mentoring relationship:
"With my daughter."
People you'd invite to your dream dinner party:
Ronald Reagan, John Wayne, Bart Starr and Bear Bryant
In whom do you confide when weighing professional decisions?
"My father."
Leadership philosophy in a nutshell:
"My leadership style is based on the Golden Rule. People follow me because I can comfortably operate at any level of the organization. However, the major reason I have been so successful as a leader is that I treat people as I want to be treated, and what
Best project:
"In the past 12 months, we have focused on implementing Bally Technologies' ACSC system. We had two measurements of success: uptime and revenue. We used to lose the old system for hours at a time every weekend, costing us millions of dollars. Since the sy
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