Baron Concors, 2009 Honoree

Pizza Hut
First job:
"Selling TVs and stereos in a department store."
Most valuable career advice:
"Never compromise your integrity. It's the only thing that no one can take away from you. Always do the right thing, and you will be just fine."
What do you love about IT?
"I get to work with all business partners to help solve wide-ranging issues."
Write your own epitaph:
"I am currently out of the office without access to e-mail or voice mail."
People you'd invite to your dream dinner party:
"Steve Jobs, David Letterman, Martin Luther King Jr. and John Lennon."
In whom do you confide when weighing professional decisions?
"My wife. She is the smartest person I know, and she knows me better than anyone."
Your recreational best:
"I ran with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain."
Twenty years ago, I was ...
"Not as smart as I thought I was!
What about you would surprise the people who you work with?
"I love to cook and I secretly watch cooking shows on TV."
Leadership philosophy in a nutshell:
"People don't quit companies -- they quit people. Take a personal interest in your team members' growth and career development and empower them to succeed. Most importantly, create a fun work environment where open communications and diverse thoughts are
New role:
"I took the lead role in our ?spirit' committee with a focus on creating a fun work environment and improving our culture. I have a strong belief that if you take care of your people, they will provide better service, which results in happy customers. As
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