Brian Cobb, 2009 Honoree

Senior vice president, technology infrastructure and operations
Fannie Mae
First job:
"I was a corn de-tassler in the cornfields of Indiana at age 13."
Write your own epitaph:
"No one gets out alive."
Best mentoring relationship:
"I used to teach Junior Achievement at a local school. For each course, I taught a different set of students and saw a different side of the educational process. I really enjoyed my interaction with the kids and my ability to teach them about business."
In whom do you confide when weighing professional decisions?
"My father, my brother and my admin assistant."
Twenty years ago, I was ...
"Installing computer systems in Melbourne, Australia."
Favorite book:
Red Storm Rising, by Tom Clancy and Larry Bond
Energy-smart initiative:
"Led a multimillion-dollar project for the construction, commissioning and implementation of a new world-class production data center on time, on budget and to industrywide acclaim (as the first ?green' production data center in North America, with more
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