Christopher C. Barron, 2009 Honoree

Vice president, CIO
CPS Energy
San Antonio
Favorite vice:
"Thin mint Girl Scout cookies right out of the freezer!"
Title you'd like to hold someday:
What do you love about IT?
"IT is one of the few divisions that can see across an entire company."
Write your own epitaph:
"He left nothing on the table."
Favorite book:
The Iliad, by Homer
Most valuable career advice:
"You will fail at 100% of the things you do not attempt."
Favorite movie:
"The first Highlander."
Leadership philosophy in a nutshell:
"A leader will be judged by the people he mentors and ultimately leaves behind. More than any other action, a good leader will do whatever is necessary to find great talent wherever it lies and develop it. A great leader is defined by ?we,' not ?I.'"
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