Robert M. Alexander, 2009 Honoree

Executive vice president, CIO and head of enterprise customer management
Capital One Financial Corp.
Richmond, , Va.
Twenty years ago, I was ...
"A ?cold warrior.' I managed software development and test programs for new intercontinental ballistic missile systems on a base in Southern California. This was during the Reagan Era military buildup and the height of competition with the Soviets.
Favorite TV shows:
"Battlestar Galactica and Lost; I TiVo both and watch them with my 14-year-old son."
Most valuable career advice:
"You can be a good strategic thinker, but if you're unwilling to seek help from others or show any vulnerability, you won't be a successful leader, especially in a highly collaborative organization like ours."
Leadership philosophy in a nutshell:
"I believe that leadership works for the team. This means defining the team's vision and setting a clear direction, recruiting the right people for the right roles and keeping them challenged, and breaking down barriers that impede their progress. Importa
Energy-smart initiative:
"Today, work is what you do, not a place you go," says Alexander. "The wireless and mobile technologies we provide through our flexible work solutions give our associates greater flexibility in how and where they work, which in turn improves collaboration
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