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If that’s true, I should investigate some more

And thank you for that helpful information.

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Wrongle dongle

Why is it always the last thing you think of that works?

apple privacy ad

No, Google, Apple's privacy is not a luxury item

Google services are subsidised by profits made from your data.

Throwback Thursday: But thanks for asking

Maybe they know that old joke about how many dead people are in the cemetery.

hololens app

Microsoft mixed reality: From a proof of concept to a real enterprise-class offering

One of the more interesting presentations at Microsoft Build was immediately followed by a stream from Google I/O on the same subject. I believe this transitions HoloLens from more of a proof of concept into a real product. I also...

Take cover, it’s a student programmer!

Some unforeseen hazards with old tech.

Time-Machine Tuesday: It’s all in how you ask

And we aren’t talking about saying, ‘Please.’

windows keyboard shortcuts

Microsoft surrenders in its Windows Update war with users

It’s another sign that the company is changing in fundamental ways under the leadership of Satya Nadella.


Will that be cash or credit?

Maybe a paperweight next time?

Sometimes being on the scene is the easiest way to solve a mystery.

applewatch close up

Why I now hate my Apple Watch slightly less

The Apple Watch is still a wonderful device that has maddening flaws. But we have now found some unpublicized ways around some of those flaws. Watch life is now slightly better.

Throwback Thursday: Pretty much what everyone means by it

Pain for me, or pain for you.

Wayback Wednesday: At least he asked

Oh, don’t worry; we’ll get back to you.

The plotting thickens

The shortest distance between two points is …

Watch your step

Hey, everyone, it will be fun, like doing a jigsaw puzzle together!

p1240491 19

Trillion-dollar Azure Microsoft vs. Windows Microsoft: Finding the better path

Conventional wisdom dictates that, to be successful, companies need to aggressively focus on competitors and investors. That ethos certainly defined the Windows-era Microsoft. But today’s Azure-focused Microsoft is far more...

Flashback Friday: Too smart for its own good

Things didn’t happen in the right order there.

Throwback Thursday: Switcheroo

Every possible rookie mistake?

news plus macbook iphone ipad

The Mac is becoming an iPad accessory

The iPad's improved productivity features will have more people using those devices instead of Macs for work -- setting the stage for Macs to become iPad accessories.

Did she at least get to say, ‘I told you so’?

Some people just hate being proved wrong.

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