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Wayback Wednesday: The fobbit

Or, ‘There and back again.’

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We’re all adults here, right?

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It’s really no mystery

Everyone, be more like Chris, except for the exceptionally tardy part.

dell optiplex 7070 ultra right exploded cables

The Dell OptiPlex 7070 Ultra vs. NVIDIA Shield TV: The emerging cloud client

This week I make an admittedly odd comparison between a cloud-connected TV settop box and modular design that can be altered rather than replaced when it comes time to pivot to the cloud. The Shield is similar to the...

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Penny wise

Well, it would be nice to have the must-haves.

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Throwback Thursday: Pics, or it didn’t happen

You have to admit the client was paying attention.

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Brother’s keeper

Is he aware it’s not his own personal server?

homekit white gray icon

Why Apple must turn HomeKit into homeOS

Apple's HomeKit needs to become a full-fledged smart buildings OS to enable a vibrant smart home platform.

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Now his angry emails take forever to get here.

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Memory-Lane Monday: Please tell me his name wasn’t Jones

OTOH, a sticky on user’s monitor with nothing on it but his name won’t give anything away.


How HP leads in sustainability through innovation, partnership and sharing

HP now stands out as a segment leader in sustainability – particularly with their printers. And Sims Metal Management is helping give HP leverage that no single company could otherwise hope to accomplish.

paroject catalyst mac

Apple’s Catalyst will help bring Macs to the enterprise

The first wave of Catalyst apps have lessons for enterprise IT.

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Name game

It’s complicated for YOU?

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Throwback Thursday: Now who’s in a jam?

Everyone’s a comedian.

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Remember: Safety first.

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Time-Machine Tuesday: Keepsakes

Wait, how long have office printers been a thing?

mac intel transition

Apple plans its own Mac processors, report claims

Will your Mac run on a souped-up iPhone processor one day? Apple is still reportedly considering replacing the processors inside Macs with chips made by its own internal silicon development teams.

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But I’m still me

Someone’s having an identity crisis.

iphone 11 pro features

7 Apple presentation secrets enterprise workers need

Enterprise workers should try to follow Apple's lead when trying to make a point. Here's how.

windows 10 windows microsoft laptop keyboard update  by nirodesign getty

Is it time to rethink Windows?

The ongoing move from desktop computing to the cloud, the coming move to quantum computing and what it means for the future of tech.

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