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Q&A: What VRdirect's Rolf Illenberger expects from Apple Reality

Ignore the negativity that breaks out before every major Apple product introduction. This is what VR professionals think is coming.

Microsoft Windows update cycle arrows with overlay a laptop and mobile phone.

For Windows 10 PCs — out with the old, in with the new?

If you're still running Windows 10 on older hardware, it's time to start planning your upgrade path to Windows 11 and beyond.

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Building a digital clone or assistant with generative AI — good idea or bad?

Generative AI tools can be a force for good — increased productivity, new skills — or bad, if workers can be replaced. So it's important to think through the implications of the coming AI disruption.

Apple AR/VR-Headset

Are Apple’s upcoming AR glasses already obsolete?

It’s becoming clear that the future of augmenting reality is AI. Do we even really need the glasses?

iOS 16.4.1 rapid security response

Apple, platform security, and the next big war

'I think some of the top people predict that the next big war is fought on cybersecurity,' Apple CEO Tim Cook told Time in 2016. Seven years later, it seems clear the struggle is real.

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Generative AI is about to destroy your company. Will you stop it?

If coders lied as often as ChatGPT, they would be fired immediately. Stunningly, some enterprise execs seem to be just fine with that — as long as AI continues to code quickly and for so little money.

Schnell-Check: Ist Ihr PC bereit für Windows 11 22H2 (Herbst-2022-Update)

With Windows 10 going away, time to get serious about Windows 11

Microsoft last week made it official: there will be no more big updates for Windows 10. Now, companies have to get serious about moving to its successor.

Biamp's Parlé

Biamp’s Parlé, and the need to design a better remote conference room

While top-end conference room video and audio bars can improve meetings for those in-person and remote, a more wholistic approach to meetings is needed in a post-pandemic world.

Tap to Pay iPhone

Apple's inexorable plan to replace retail banking

As GoDaddy signs up to offer Tap To Pay, it's time to look at Apple's $20 trillion opportunity in retail banking.

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Here’s how Microsoft plans to reap billions from AI

The company hopes steal search revenue from Google, help businesses build their own chatbots and AI tools, and incorporate AI-enhanced productivity tools across its product lineup.


Do the productivity gains from generative AI outweigh the security risks?

Using generative AI to code is dangerous for a variety of reasons, but its efficiencies will tempt corporate leaders — especially CIOs and business execs — to use it anyway. A senior AWS executive at Amazon argues the decision doesn’t...

Generative AI, tipping point

Three issues with generative AI still need to be solved

While generative AI has captured the attention and imagination of many in the tech world, underlying issues could hinder its spread.

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Patch now to address a Windows zero-day

Microsoft has addressed 97 existing vulnerabilities this April Patch Tuesday, with a further eight previously released patches updated and re-released. A Windows zero-day requires immediate attention.

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It’s déjà vu all over again as governments put Microsoft in their crosshairs

Facing lawsuits, fines, and new regulations, Microsoft is playing defense on several fronts.

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Still using Windows 10 21H2? Time to upgrade

For consumers and smaller businesses, security updates for Windows 10 21H2 will end in June. Here’s how to make sure your systems are on Windows 10 22H2 before support runs out.

iPhone 14 Pro buttons

Should we do more business with our iPhones?

While iPhones are seeing increasing use across the enterprise, most people aren’t getting as much as they can out of using the devices.

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Pausing AI development is a foolish idea

The recent call by tech leaders for a slowdown in the development of generative AI tools won't work now — the AI horse is already out of the barn.

ChatGPT Slack bot OpenAI Salesforce

Samsung shows we need an Apple approach to generative AI

Enterprise professionals may be buying into the generative AI hype without considering the risk of these LLMs. That’s why we need an Apple approach.

ransomware attack

Ransomware as a service? Windows users can still fight back.

With Attack Surface Reduction rules in Windows 10 and 11 (and other tweaks), users can make it harder for attackers to succeed.

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Amazon’s Sidewalk could be a big boon to business

What looks like a consumer play by the company is actually a largely untapped public resource for business — from startups to enterprises.

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