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Flashback Friday: But was it vibrating?

Please, take a seat.

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Throwback Thursday: Spoilsport

The new auditor on the block.

ios13 photos

The big picture on Apple's vision for computer vision in iOS 13

Apple is developing computer vision AI every developer should take a look at.

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Unclear on the concept

We’ll monitor the suggestion.

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Ready when you are

You got what you wanted, but is it what you needed?

CSO > Security automation

Message to IT: Trusting Apple and Google for mobile app security is career suicide

Ready for the mobile security news that IT doesn't want to hear about but needs to? When security firm Positive Technologies started pen testing various mobile apps, security holes were rampant.

apple tv heart

The age of iApple is over

Today’s Apple is about shared values, corporate responsibility from a company that is collectively run.

wireless internet handshake tablet computer mobile work together

Goodbye, tablets

Another form factor is about to bite the dust.

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Northern exposure

Try FM; we heard there’s no static at all.

Google logo fisheye

Google needs to pull itself together

It could be a much greater company if it could only figure out how to combine existing technologies into killer apps.

jony ive

Designer, find thyself: Farewell to Jony Ive

The departure of Apple's award winning designer marks the end of an era – and the start of a fresh new age.

A human profile containing digital wireframe of technology connections.

Beyond Limits: Rethinking the next generation of AI

A new AI company called Beyond Limits took an idea from space exploration and turned it into a fascinating new self-training AI. This new AI – which is already being used in finance, healthcare and petrochemical industries –...

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Dust to dust

Don’t call us, and we won’t call you.

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Throwback Thursday: Some people aren’t satisfied with eight nines

Just round up.

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Wayback Wednesday: Ditch the glitch

There is always a root cause.

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Ready, set, go

You can bet it was something to see.

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Memory-Lane Monday: 240 would be twice as good, right?

Maybe it was the way he said it.

cisco amy chang

Cisco’s Webex future: they got it right this time

Is the coming update to Cisco’s Webex, one of my all-time least favorite video conferencing products, a light at the end of what has been a dark tunnel for video conferencing/collaboration products?

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Seasonal affective disorder

If you want a job done right …

A MacBook running macOS Catalina.

Macs in the enterprise: 6 stats every IT purchaser needs

If you run a business and are looking for a way to boost productivity, reduce costs, and improve employee retention, these statistics prove Macs are for you.

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