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At Microsoft Inspire, the new Edge browser took center stage

Just as Azure has overtaken Microsoft's Windows Server platform, the new Chromium-based Edge Browser has taken center stage from Windows.

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Flashback Friday: How about a shark?

And not a kid-friendly one.

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Which is better for collaboration – Yammer or Microsoft Teams?

Fundamentally, both Yammer and Teams (and email) are about conversation – but they support different types of communication and are for different audiences. The choice about which app to use depends on both.

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Wayback Wednesday: Survival of the fittest, hardware division

I can haz all the bits?

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Now let’s guess what fish’s new password is

Or maybe we shouldn’t go there.

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6 ways iPhone SE supports Apple upgrade culture

Apple's new iPhone SE now accounts for 19% of all U.S. sales as the company pushes existing customers on older devices to upgrade.

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Memory-Lane Monday: It’s in the cards

But is the deck rigged?

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Advisories and mitigations, oh my! Critical updates for Windows this July

July's Patch Tuesday update round-up deals with 123 separate security vulnerabilities, including an urgent issue with Microsoft Outlook and a very serious flaw in Windows CVE-2020-1350.

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Outlook Woes: I have no email and I must scream

Outlook, like Windows 10, has been plagued by one update problem after another. Come on Microsoft, can't you do better!?

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The New Normal: Lenovo study offers insights into worker productivity

To the surprise of few, working from home is taking a toll on employees. But technology is seen as more of a mixed bag.

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Flashback Friday: He does have a knack for simplifying things

Well, it might be better to say oversimplifying.

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When will Apple break up iTunes for Windows?

One year on and Windows users are still stranded with iTunes.

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Big Sur: The most interesting macOS beta in a generation

But the introduction of support for Apple Silicon for future Macs means beta testers this year should expect the unexpected.

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Wayback Wednesday: If it was, it sure isn’t now

And I think I used to be taller.

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Always ask the obvious first.

There’s no such thing as a dumb question, right?

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Apple already ships Macs with Apple Silicon

And no, it’s not the Developer Transition Kit the company began passing out after WWDC.

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Memory-Lane Monday: Harder_than_it_looks, apparently

I’m an engineer, not a typist!

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Amid the new COVID-19 ‘normal,’ the laptop and smartphone need to merge

Smartphones and laptops may be good at what they do, but combining some of their features would be more helpful for remote employees stuck at home.

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Apple's big notebook opportunity knocks

The move to Apple Silicon means Macs now offer an exciting enterprise story as remote working becomes normalized.

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Flashback Friday: You’re dragging us down

We prefer data that tells us what we want to hear.

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