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Microsoft Windows update cycle arrows with overlay a laptop and mobile phone.

Mann mit Apple Watch Series 9 tippt zwei Finger zusammen

Does Apple’s double-tap gesture solve the mobile/human interface problem?

Apple this week demonstrated a new gesture to use with the latest Apple Watch — a two-finger tapping motion. These kinds of gestures could represent a whole new way of interacting with computers and other tech devices.

ChatGPT iPhone

Will OpenAI’s enterprise chatbot put a big hurt on Microsoft?

You’d think that OpenAI’s new enterprise ChatGPT offering would directly threaten Microsoft’s big genAI push. The truth is more nuanced.

mre18 016 sirishortcuts

WWDC 2024: Is Apple on the road to Siri 2.0?

Apple is making big investments in generative AI and machine learning, spending eye-watering amounts to build new learning models, presumably for Siri 2.0.

Apple extends Qualcomm iPhone 5G modem supply deal into 2026

It looks like Apple may not be rolling out its own 5G chips for mobile devices anytime soon.

A vast network of identity avatars. [identity management]

The Donald Trump deep fake ‘interview’ and the problem with avatars

The ability to create digital avatars to stand in for us has been touted as one way of making meetings actually engaging and useful. But there’s a dark side to the technology, as well.

shutterstock 344519045 whiteboard with colored post-it notes blue yellow orange

How note-taking AI from Google and Apple complete you

Silicon Valley’s tech giants intend to mainstream AI-powered note-taking and journaling. This could open up a whole new connection between the data we collect and the lives we lead.

Wonderlust-Logo als Wallpaper herunterladen

MediaTek hints big speed boosts for upcoming iPhone, Macs

MediaTek is giving us some insight into how capable the new A- and M-series chips from Cupertino and made by TSMC really are.

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Is that a Chromebook killer in your pocket, Tim Cook?

Apple may be planning a lower cost portable Mac to target the Chromebook market, says DigiTimes.

Apple Support Community

Apple Support prepares to leave X: End of the omni-channel?

Well-reported privacy concerns, distribution of fake news, and poor content protection decisions may have eroded trust in social media.

man in boat surrounded by sharks risk fear decision attack threat by peshkova getty

Pew Research finds a big problem with AI: People don’t trust it

If companies want their employees to embrace the potential of generative AI, they're going to have to make sure those workers actually trust it won't cost them their jobs.

Red flag warning button [alert / danger / disaster]

With BYOD comes responsibility — and many firms aren't delivering

Researchers warn that almost half of enterprises across Europe still don’t have a formal Bring-Your-Own-Device policy in place.

rock em sock em robots fight battle ai csa images getty

Microsoft, Amazon go head-to-head on genAI in the cloud — here’s who’ll win

Both tech bigwigs are making a play for customers with genAI tools running in the cloud. But one company has a natural advantage.

15 inch MacBook Air WWDC23

IDC sees big enterprise shift to Macs over next 12 months

The research firm anticipates the number of Macs sold to business users worldwide will jump by 20% between this year and 2024.

Generative AI, tipping point

The Republican debate and ChatGPT — room for gen AI in politics?

When one candidate accused the other of being a 'ChatGPT' candidate in this week's GOP presidential debate, he intended the comment as a slam. But maybe there's more to it than that.

Alarm Notfall Signal

New law could turn UK into a hacker's playground

Tech firms will be obliged to share any security updates they need to publish with the UK government before they're released, and the UK can refuse to let them ship.

icloud 2fa apple id

Managed Apple IDs, iCloud, and the shadow IT connection

Apple's expansion of managed IDs for business users opens the door to helpful features such as iCloud backup and syncing — but beware of increased data sprawl and siloes.

A U.S. dollar sign amid statistical metrics indicating growth.

Why you should pay attention to Arm’s looming IPO

The risks Arm describes in its IPO prospectus echo those currently faced by Apple — and most leading tech companies.

Tech Spotlight   >   Cybersecurity [CW]   >   A remote worker at her laptop.

How old Facebook plus new AI could save remote work

Work from home is failing, with more and more companies demanding their employees return to the office. AI-driven tools for onboarding and employee engagement could fix that.

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