A flicker of excitement

Some things just don’t get covered in tech training.

Heavenly tech support

Or you could just go next door and tell them.

W-I-D-E area network

I shot a print command in the air …

Echo chamber

A truly useless feature bollixes things up.

mac app store 2018

Apple has a right to charge for space in its digital malls

Apple’s competitors appear to be focusing on undermining the 30% business model that supports its services,

Microsoft HoloLens 2

Hands-on with HoloLens 2: It’s even better than I thought!

Microsoft has pivoted the device away from what looked like a consumer design focus in the first vision (with an emphasis on design) to a focus on its current practical use (emphasis on function). In the AR space, in terms of devices...

Throwback Thursday: Safety first

A not-so-good idea.

broken window with windows logo in clouds

Urgent updates for Windows and IE for March Patch Tuesday

This is a big month for Microsoft updates. With 64 reported vulnerabilities addressed in this month’s Patch Tuesday release, the focus is on the two zero-days for Microsoft Windows. Both Windows 7 and Windows 10 platforms are...

How do you say ‘zapped’ in French?

Cabling job is a hair-raising experience.

fight shadow

Apple’s Box security scare shows the risk of shadow IT

Until enterprise IT learns internal solutions must be as easy to use as any iPhone app, shadow IT will be a problem.

arm holding sign with Out of Office on it

Is Microsoft crazy to diss Office 2019? Like a fox.

The company wants you to give up your perpetual license so it can rake in perpetual income.

Managing up

The right question asked at the right time can make a difference.

4g versus 5g horizon sunrise

Apple vs. Huawei: Who can dominate 5G?

Apple is attempting to get US backing as our country’s champion against Chinese 5G/6G dominance – and that country’s effort to take tech market leadership away from the US. But Apple is the wrong company to do this, both from a...

Memory-Lane Monday: Mobile, redefined

If you need me, I’ll be at ‘my’ desk.

self driving car wireless auto

What is Apple driving at with its iCar?

Are rumor, speculation and myth around Apple’s Project Titan driving you crazy? Here are the facts on 10 falsehoods.

What was Plan C?

We’ve all been young and foolish.

Throwback Thursday: Straight to the point

When a bean counter has ‘a better idea.’

Just not as dangerous as stationery?

In which a safety auditor turns a blind eye to that thing stuck in the ceiling.

Time-Machine Tuesday: That would explain it

OK, there was a reason the programmer didn’t just call back.

nokia 9 cameras

Why do new smartphones at MWC19 need so many cameras?

Why do new smartphones at MWC19 have so many cameras? Who needs that many? We love the advanced technology, but shouldn’t we also be aware of the invasion of online privacy? It’s time to on both smartphone advancement and privacy...

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