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Message to IT: Update all your Apple devices right away

IT should immediately update all enterprise Apple devices with an essential security update to defend against an insidious NSO Group zero-click attack.

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MediaTek hints big speed boosts for upcoming iPhone, Macs

MediaTek is giving us some insight into how capable the new A- and M-series chips from Cupertino and made by TSMC really are.

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Apple saves its chips with multi-year Arm IP deal

Apple has reached a long-term chip technology collaboration agreement with Arm that extends into 2040 and beyond.

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How many jobs are available in technology in the US?

A seesaw effect seems to have taken hold as unemployment in IT rose in August after falling significantly the month before.

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With BYOD comes responsibility — and many firms aren't delivering

Researchers warn that almost half of enterprises across Europe still don’t have a formal Bring-Your-Own-Device policy in place.

Chrome Android Settings: Better browsing

4 secret settings for a smarter Chrome Android setup

Supercharge your smartphone browsing experience with these powerful yet completely concealed options for Google's Chrome Android app.

Apple iPhone 15 event invite logo

Sept. 12: Let the iPhone 15 games begin

The next Apple iPhone has a chance to become the world's biggest-selling smartphone for the first time. What's expected, and what's at stake?

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Three-quarters of large US firms now using more Apple devices — survey

Fully 76% of large businesses are using more Apple devices this year, an extensive US enterprise survey says.

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Managed Apple IDs, iCloud, and the shadow IT connection

Apple's expansion of managed IDs for business users opens the door to helpful features such as iCloud backup and syncing — but beware of increased data sprawl and siloes.

A U.S. dollar sign amid statistical metrics indicating growth.

Why you should pay attention to Arm’s looming IPO

The risks Arm describes in its IPO prospectus echo those currently faced by Apple — and most leading tech companies.

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What is the Mac Evaluation Utility tool?

Mac Evaluation Utility is an application Apple built to help organizations integrate Macs more effectively within existing environments.

5 ways to prep an old iphone for a child turn on airplane mode 5

Jamf Threat Labs subverts iPhone security with fake Airplane Mode

Researchers built a proof-of-concept attack that tricks victims into thinking they are using Airplane Mode while attackers continue to gain network access.

Android shortcut genie

Meet your secret Android shortcut genie

This clever new tool will grant you time-saving superpowers. Ready to make your favorite Android phone even more useful?

Adobe Express

Adobe Express with generative AI exits beta, available now

Adobe has been beta testing generative AI features within its Canva competitor, Adobe Express, for months. It's available for everyone as of today.

Landgericht München: Verkaufs- und Produktionsverbot für Ford ? der Grund

Ford adds Apple sauce to its next-gen services ambition

But will the automaker reinvent the wheel, or partner in the evolution of it?

iPhone 14 rear camera setup

6+ iPhone features you should be using

Apple tweaks the iPhone user experience every year, but how many of those improvements do you actually use?

Continuity Camera as webcam

Google likes Apple’s Continuity feature so much it’s making its own

A leak claims that Google will make it possible to link Android-powered devices together in a way that's similar to Apple’s Continuity.


Big day in Cupertino as Supreme Court delivers 'epic' win — for now

Apple secures another victory in its ongoing campaign to protect App Store profits following a decision by Supreme Justice Elena Kagan. The fight isn't over, however.

Apple Business Essentials

CDW now offers Apple Business Essentials direct to SMB customers

Business and enterprise solutions provider CDW is making Apple Business Essentials available to all its small business customers.

Google Lens App

16 ways Google Lens can save you time on Android

Google Lens can turn you into a mobile-tech magician, but it's up to you to learn its tricks.

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