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Big day in Cupertino as Supreme Court delivers 'epic' win — for now

Apple secures another victory in its ongoing campaign to protect App Store profits following a decision by Supreme Justice Elena Kagan. The fight isn't over, however.

Copilot for Field Service

Microsoft to integrate Copilot into its Dynamics 365 Field Service app

Microsoft is bringing its generative AI assistant to tools used to coordinate frontline work with a Copilot for Field Service management in Dynamics 365 and a Shifts plugin for Microsoft 365 Copilot.

Slack themes

Slack redesigns app to tackle growing complexity

The revamp is aimed at streamlining the popular collaboration application as new features are added in a bid to help users avoid distractions and stay focused.

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Hybrid work is entering the 'trough of disillusionment'

As more organizations, including governments, call employees back to the office at least part of the workweek, the love affair with remote and hybrid work may be cooling off.

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Biden: Get federal workers back in the office

An email from the White House to Cabinet members urged them to get employees back into federal buldings in order to improve service and "customer experience."

Tim Cook en la WWDC

Apple’s latest earnings results show the power of shrewd management

Services, investments in emerging markets, and accessories have given Apple the buoyancy it needs in challenging economic times.

WWDC Vision Pro model

Apple plays nice with others for an OpenUSD metaverse

Meta matters less with the news that Apple, Adobe, Pixar, Autodesk, NVIDIA, and the Joint Development Foundation have joined forces to promote and develop a standard to empower mixed and virtual reality experiences.

Google Assistant — Google Services

What's going on with Google Assistant?

Is Google giving up on Google Assistant? The answer, like many things you ask Assistant these days, isn't exactly clear.

Craig Federighi Apple Privacy

Apple toughens up app security with API control

The company's war against device fingerprinting continues.

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AI tools could leave companies liable for anti-bias missteps

Companies deploying AI technology are responsible for any biases that run afoul of anti-discrimination laws, so it's critical to establish a management framework now to head off legal problems later.

Pixel 5, Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G

How the Google Pixel Fold could make every Android device better

Even if you don't own Google's fancy new Pixel Fold, the phone could bring a big boost to your Android productivity experience — for three very specific reasons.

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Companies that trialed a 4-day workweek continue to reduce time on the clock

Six months after the end of a four-day workweek study, companies that participated continued to cut back on hours, claiming employees are happier and just as productive.

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White House promises on AI regulation called 'vague' and 'disappointing'

US President Joe Biden's latest move to wrangle AI and keep Americans safe while also allowing innovation are not enforceable, meaning AI companies still have carte blanche to do what they want.

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AI-skills job postings jump 450%; here's what companies want

Job listings that include AI-based skills are growing rapidly as organizations look to create new efficiencies internally and for clients. But there's a dearth of AI-skilled talent, so many companies are training employees while...

iPhone battery stats

New EU battery law could mean EOL for low-cost smartphones

Apple might have wriggle room for the iPhone when it comes to new EU laws to make smartphone batteries user replaceable — but the new regulations almost certainly spell the end of the cheapest devices.

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EU-US Data Privacy Framework to face serious legal challenges, experts say

Despite the US and EU endorsement of the new Data Privacy Framework, privacy experts remain skeptical that the agreement will survive legal challenges.

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PC market shows signs of a turnaround after historic slide

Business demand for desktops and laptops is expected to return to growth early next year after a series of declines in recent quarters. But uncertainty remains, as macroeconomic concerns persist.

iOS 16.4.1 rapid security response

Apple's disappearing Rapid Security Response update (u)

If some services don’t seem to be working well this morning on your Apple device, it could be a recent Rapid Security Response Update that's to blame — but you're still better off.

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NYC law governing AI-based hiring tools goes live

The new law, aimed at organizations using automated hiring tools, will require regular audits of those tools to prove they don't have baked-in biases against gender or race.

Windows 11 official brand sign on computer laptop display, business office table

Businesses to boost Windows 11 adoption in ‘24, but Windows 10 still dominates

Economic uncertainty has slowed enterprise adoption of Windows 11, but analysts expect most companies to make the transition next year – if economic fears don’t get in the way.

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