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Schools look to ban ChatGPT, students use it anyway

ChatGPT and other generative AI technologies are already being used by students to write essays and answer questions posed by teachers and professors, and academia must learn to incorporate and not ban these new tools, experts say.

Can your employer spy on your iPhone or Android phone?

IT staffers would help colleagues avoid monitoring software

IT workers say they’re uncomfortable deploying productivity monitoring software and would think twice about working for a company that snoops on its employees.

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Why generative AI will turbocharge low-code and no-code development

The evolution of generative AI models will further lower barriers to using low-code and no-code development tools, and potentially lead to the birth of a whole new class of intelligent developer technology.

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Google adds data loss prevention, security features to Chrome

Google unveiled six new features to its Chrome browser for enterprises that add security, monitoring and reporting tools.

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Is Samsung dumping Google Search?

Samsung may be considering dropping Google Search as the default browser on its smartphones, and the reason may be that Microsoft's Bing will boast an AI-infusion from the popular ChatGPT chatbot.

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Security researchers uncover NSO Group iPhone attacks in Europe

Researchers at Jamf Threat Labs have identified additional attacks against iPhones used by human rights activists and journalists in the Middle East and Europe, including one working for a global news agency.

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7 tips for better hybrid workplaces

Dean Hager, CEO of leading Apple device management vendor Jamf, shares some insights on how to design better hybrid workplaces.

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Think Android 14 seems boring? Think about this.

Google's initial Android 14 beta release may seem modest on the surface, but there's a whole other side to the software most folks are failing to notice.

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How will Apple help IT manage third-party app stores?

Apple at WWDC may confirm a dramatic change to how it runs app purchasing on iPhones by permitting users to download apps from third-party stores.

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Fed’s Zelle-like instant payment system to go live in July, hundreds now testing

The US central bank’s FedNow payment and settlement rail will increase liquidity, especially for small businesses and supply chain participants who can get paid instantly for goods and services.

Continuity Camera as webcam

Apple’s new patent hints at powerful video collaboration tools

A newly published Apple patent describes numerous ways Apple may plan to improve collaboration on its systems, including interesting new gesture controls.

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Massachusetts lawmakers file bill to create 4-day workweek pilot

Employers participating in the proposed two-year pilot program would transition some or all of their workers to a shortened workweek without any loss of pay or benefits.

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Down in Q1, US IT job market rebounded slightly in March: Report

The median salary for IT pros in 2023 will be 3% to 4% above 2022 salary levels, not the 7% to 8% that was budgeted for 2023, according to a Janco Associates report.

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Android, ChromeOS, and Google's cloudy vision for a connected future

Android and ChromeOS are about to come closer together than ever, but Google's latest line-blurring twist raises more questions than answers.

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Nearly four in five employers struggle to fill job roles, a 17-year high

A plethora of job openings and dearth in available talent make an odd juxtaposition with numerous high-profile layoffs in the technology industry and elsewhere during the past six months.

New M2 Pro Mac mini

Apple feels the bite as Mac shipments fall 40.5%

As economic malaise tanked global shipments for all major PC manufacturers in Q1 2023, Apple was worst affected of the lot, according to IDC.

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As US moves to regain microchip leadership, some say it never left

As the US government begins to dispense tens of billions of dollars to get microchip makers to relocate manufacturing to the US, hurdles remain, including an increasingly diversified global supply chain that no one country can...

M2 MacBook Air

Has the PC market slowdown finally hit the Mac?

A report from Korea claims Apple in January suspended production of the M2 series processors it uses in the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac mini.

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Should we fear the rise of artificial general intelligence?

AI is on a path to more than double in computational capacity every year — and that, some say, could lead to a self-perpetuating intelligence, the impact of which remains unknown.

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Legislation to rein in AI’s use in hiring grows

States and municipalities are eyeing restrictions on the use of artificial intelligence-based bots to find, screen, interview, and hire job candidates because of privacy and bias issues. Some states have already put laws on the books....

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