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Apple teams up with US firms to push for clean energy

Leaning into its own experience, Apple has joined a number of large US corporations, including Nike, to launch the Clean Energy Procurement Academy.

Webex Apple TV

Cisco brings Webex to Apple Watch and Apple TV

In a hurry? You'll be able to use your Apple Watch and AirPods to make a Webex meeting —- or hold a videoconference using Apple TV.

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White House to issue AI rules for federal employees

President Biden is expected to announce new rules requiring government agencies to more fully assess AI tools to ensure they're safe and don't expose sensitive information. The government is also expected to loosen immigration...

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Google Cloud fails to cash in on generative AI

As enterprises optimize their cloud spending, Google Cloud has registered its slowest growth in three years.

Microsoft Copilot

As M365 Copilot launch looms, businesses likely to move cautiously

While enterprises are attracted by the potential to save employee time on certain tasks, generative AI is largely unproven in the business world — and will require a range of efforts to deploy it safely and effectively.

Google Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro

The one thing that might keep Google's Pixel 8 phones from selling

Hint: It has nothing to do with the devices' cameras or displays.

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Prisma chief med officer: AI offers ‘tremendous opportunities’ but shouldn’t replace doctors

As he investigates possible uses for AI deployment in a healthcare network, Dr. Drew Albano sees opportunities to improve healthcare and reduce administrative burdens — as well as dire consequences if it's not used for the right...

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Q&A: How Discover Financial Services created an AI governance council

Discover is exploring how it can use AI to create efficiencies, but in a heavily regulated industry, protecting sensitive customer data always comes first. Here's how the firm worked to ensure AI's safe but productive use.

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Why are OpenAI, Microsoft and others looking to make their own chips?

As demand for generative AI technology grows, chip shortages are not the main reason behind developing custom silicon, experts say.

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Here’s where more than half of organizations are piloting generative AI

A new Gartner poll reveals that genAI technology is being deployed by organizations for three key business processes, while a Google Cloud poll shows enthusiasm for AI tools among developers.

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Coda bucks trend of additional charges for generative AI tools

Generative AI features are fast becoming table stakes for productivity and collaboration applications. Coda hopes to stand out in the market by eschewing add-on fees and integrating with multiple enterprise data sources.

Google Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro

How Google's Pixel 8 changes everything for Android

Think Google's new Pixel 8 is Just Another Android Phone? Think again, bucko.


Faced with back-to-office mandates, employees are ‘coffee badging’ office visits

Many employees are doing the bare minimum to satisfy in-office requirements, simply showing up long enough to get credit for being there before returning home to work.

Microsoft Copilot

You're probably going to use Microsoft Copilot wrong

Microsoft is pitching Copilot as a transformative productivity tool. The reality is more complicated.


With AI, there’s a trust gap based on gender, age

Two recent surveys point to a lack of confidence in AI, and an outright fear it will replace workers' jobs.

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Will the FTC's Lina Khan succeed in breaking up Amazon?

The US Federal Trade Commission under legal star Lina Khan has charged Amazon with illegally maintaining a monopoly and seeks "structural relief," which could mean breaking off parts of its business.

Meta Quest 3.

Meta Quest 3’s mixed reality ‘passthrough’ broadens workplace appeal

Meta’s latest headset is pitched primarily at consumers. But as with other devices in its AR/VR portfolio, the Quest is also suited to immersive training for employees — and improved ‘passthrough’ capabilities make collaboration a...


Meta challenges ChatGPT with chatbot, OpenAI fires back with new features

Meta this week unveiled a new chatbot connected to the Bing search engine that can have a conversation with a user and create images based on textual inputs.

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Chip industry strains to meet AI-fueled demands — will smaller LLMs help?

Large language models are growing in size, as is the number of companies using generative AI technology. The more the models grow, the more CPUs they consume — exacerbating an already-strained chip supply chain.

Microsoft Windows AI Event

The AI future of Windows is here

Forget Windows 12: Microsoft’s big AI push is starting on your current Windows 11 PC on Sept. 26.

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