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Meta releases open-source tools for AI safety

The Purple Llama project aims to help developers build generative AI models responsibly.

Webex Apple TV
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How Apple TV just became a Zoom meeting solution for SMEs

With support from Zoom and Cisco Webex, Apple TV may be a low cost way for smaller businesses to get set up for hybrid meetings.

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Windows 11 Insider Previews: What’s in the latest build?

Get the latest info on new preview builds of Windows 11 as they roll out to Windows Insiders. Now updated for Build 23601 for the Dev Channel and Build 26010 for the Canary Channel, both released on Dec. 7, 2023.


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Windows 12 and the coming AI chip war

A Windows release planned for next year may be the catalyst for a new wave of desktop chips with AI processing capabilities.

Gboard Android Keyboard
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4 advanced Gboard adjustments for faster Android typing

Give yourself a smarter, more personalized Android typing experience with these shape-shifting switches for Google's Gboard Android keyboard.

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EU lawmakers move closer to finalizing AI Act

The final draft could exempt free and open source AI licenses from regulation unless they come in the high-risk category.

Comparison of iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro

Apple set to open its 4th iPhone factory in India in a China+1 strategy

The new plant could be a clear indication of India’s growing importance for Apple’s supply chain network and could be key to the company’s strategy to diversify beyond China.

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Attacks against personal data are up 300%, Apple warns

Apple says more than 2.6 billion personal records have been exposed in the past two years — and attacks are intensifying. That's why data encryption is so important.

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AWS blames Microsoft for anti-competitive practices in the UK

Last month, AWS, in a letter to the UK’s competition watchdog, alleged that Microsoft was involved in cloud licensing practices that restrict customer choices and make switching between cloud providers difficult.

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Taiwan’s ‘silicon shield’ is cracking as US-China chip war rages

Taiwan Semiconductor (TSMC) is known as Taiwan’s guardian angel. But this won't always be the case with China forced to catch up, given the US chip curbs.


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Concerns mount as US political standoff threatens chip manufacturing momentum

A provision that would have allowed projects funded by the 2022 CHIPS Act to skip federal environmental checks was removed from key defense legislation due to opposition from Republican lawmakers, according to a report.

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4 advanced ‘smart chip’ tips for Google Docs and Sheets

Interactive elements called smart chips in Docs and Sheets put valuable information at your fingertips. Use these advanced tips to take smart chips to the next level.

Google Gemini LLM

Google launches Gemini, a genAI model for all devices

The new large language model will be available in three sizes for different purposes, including use in data centers and on mobile devices.

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Dutch chip equipment maker ASM to invest $324M in new Arizona headquarters

ASM is expanding operations in the state with a 20-acre Scottsdale campus that will allow the company to collaborate more closely with top customers like Intel.

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Apple launches MLX machine-learning framework for Apple Silicon

Apple’s machine learning (ML) teams quietly flexed their muscle with the release of a new ML framework developed for Apple Silicon.