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Windows 11: A guide to the updates

Here’s what you need to know about the latest updates to Windows 11 as they’re released from Microsoft. Now updated for KB5023778 Preview, released on March 28, 2023.

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What is Web Push for Web Apps on iPhone and iPad?

As anticipated, Apple introduced support for Web Push on iOS and iPadOS with iOS 16.4. What is it and how can it benefit you, or your business?

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Asana launches prediction-based AI tools to improve decision making

Work management platform Asana has announced a host of self-described “pre-AI” tools that focus on predictive AI, staying clear of generative AI capabilities associated with ChatGPT.


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Is Microsoft worried about smaller search engines surging ahead of Bing?

The company fears that smaller search engines might replicate features of the ChatGPT-driven chatbot in Bing to create their own products — using data they get from licensing agreements with Microsoft, eating into Bing’s market share....

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How Microsoft became tech’s top dog again

After a lost decade in which it flailed and lost its prominence in the world of tech, Microsoft is again on the rise — thanks to ChatGPT and the company's focus on AI.

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Apple Reality tidbits continue to leak — is the product really ready?

For most business leaders, it’s unfortunate when product news leaks ahead of time. But when secrets shared to a hand-picked cohort of senior managers leak, it shows something is wrong.

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Microsoft rearchitects Teams to make it faster and smarter

Microsoft said the collaboration platform — notorious for its high CPU usage — will be “twice as fast while using half the system resources.”

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Zoom adds generative AI to Zoom IQ; partners with OpenAI

Zoom announced a new host of AI-backed capabilities for its “smart companion” tool, doubling down on its CEO’s promise of helping customers benefit from the technology.

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Q&A: Cisco CIO Fletcher Previn on the challenges of a hybrid workplace

Securing Cisco's networks, creating and maintaining company culture, and dealing with a dearth of IT talent are among the difficult issues with which Cisco CIO Fletcher Previn says he's grappling.

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About the Best Places to Work in IT

Find out about Computerworld's annual Best Places to Work in IT program, including eligibility, survey contents, deadlines, and more.


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Windows 11 Insider Previews: What’s in the latest build?

Get the latest info on new preview builds of Windows 11 as they roll out to Windows Insiders. Now updated for Build 25324 for the Canary Channel and Builds 22621.1470 and 22624.1470 for the Beta Channel, all released on March 23, 2023....


OpenAI's ChatGPT gets support for a dozen application plug-ins

The plug-ins will enable companies to offer the AI-based natural language processor for their products, allowing users to ask detailed questions and get human-like answers.

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Is Apple really joining the WFH counter-revolution?

Apple seems to be doubling down on inflexibility in its approach to flexible working.

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Microsoft customers locked out of Azure and M365 services due to geolocation error

Microsoft was forced to apologize on Thursday after implementing a change that saw customers around the globe unable to access its services.

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How to get Android 14's new notification powers now

Android 14 looks to bring a big upgrade to how notifications are handled — and with a teensy bit of tinkering, you can add the same superpowers into any phone this second.