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9 systems theory global crash outage

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Microsoft, Amazon go head-to-head on genAI in the cloud — here’s who’ll win

Both tech bigwigs are making a play for customers with genAI tools running in the cloud. But one company has a natural advantage.

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Managed Apple IDs, iCloud, and the shadow IT connection

Apple's expansion of managed IDs for business users opens the door to helpful features such as iCloud backup and syncing — but beware of increased data sprawl and siloes.

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Microsoft wants you to pay for Windows from the cloud — good luck with that

Windows can sometimes be glitchy. Windows in the cloud would be worse, especially for anyone who doesn't have their own IT desk.

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UK regulator refers cloud infrastructure market for investigation

Three months after the UK regulator announced its concerns around the market dominance of AWS and Microsoft, it's asking for an investigation to take place in order to improve the market for customers.

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Annual public cloud revenue reaches half a trillion dollars

Worldwide spending on public cloud services reached $545.8 billion in 2022, new data from IDC says.

The EU Data Act is a lot bigger than iCloud

The EU is taking a stand against vendor lock-in for data services, including IoT, connected device, and cloud services.

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The shadow IT fight — 2023 style

Gaining visibility into anything IT-related is always difficult, but the age-old nemesis, shadow IT, remains a major problem — especially as the enterprise environment has changed.

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Dropbox lays off 16% of staff to refocus on AI, as sales growth slows

Dropbox is profitable but growth is slowing, just when it needs to ramp up AI expertise.


Global cloud spending expected to jump 21.7% as IaaS leads the way

Infrastructure-as-a-service is fueling global end-user spending on cloud services, according to the latest forecast by Gartner.


Microsoft offers to change cloud licensing practices to avoid EU antitrust probe, says report

After European cloud vendors filed a formal complaint with the European Commission in 2022, Microsoft is reportedly seeking to reach an agreement before an investigation is launched.

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Microsoft customers locked out of Azure and M365 services due to geolocation error

Microsoft was forced to apologize on Thursday after implementing a change that saw customers around the globe unable to access its services.

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AWS Chatbot now integrated into Microsoft Teams

The chatbot’s integration will allow enterprise users to get notifications about events such as security risks and the status of system health from within Teams, and also let them run command line interface commands to run notebooks.

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ChatGPT now chatting via Azure OpenAI Service

Developers can now integrate ChatGPT directly, using a token-based pricing system, into a host of different enterprise and end-user applications.

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How to use Apple’s advanced iCloud security tools

Apple recently introduced three iCloud security features that could help protect mobile professionals on the go. This is what they do.

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Qualys now supports macOS in its cloud security tools

“In the past few years, many of our customers have seen a sharp increase in the number of Mac devices introduced to their environment,” the company says.

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MacStadium sees a ‘massive opportunity’ for Apple in business markets

“I’ve never been more optimistic for the Mac platform,” says MacStadium CTO Chris Chapman.

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Microsoft says cloud demand waning, plans to infuse AI into products

Cloud revenue growth has been slowing quarter-on-quarter for the Windows maker, which expects the growth to continue to decline through the year.

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iCloud for Windows: What is it (and how do you use it)?

Apple continues to improve its iCloud app for Windows, which works hard to bridge the gap between both platform ecosystems.

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