Virtual – all USA

Learn how top CIOs are achieving a culture and practice of IT innovation and enterprise agility. Join this professionally moderated conversation that’s valuable, on point and full of the answers you’ve been seeking. #CIOVirtualEvent


Insider Risk continues to be a major challenge for many businesses, but too few take it seriously enough. Join this live video roundtable where security leaders will discuss how to address the new risks of today with an eye towards the future. #CSOVirtualEvent

Virtual - Northeast region

Over the course of this roundtable discussion, leading technology executives from the Northeast will explore the strategic, operational, financial and technological issues that must be addressed to successfully leverage low-code development environments to support business transformation and technology modernization initiatives. #CIOVirtualEvent

Virtual – all USA

The global pandemic has radically changed and continues to impact technology for virtually all companies. Join us for a timely, live video roundtable where we will go in-depth on technology, governance, security, and other critical business continuity considerations to help you meet the new demands within your company. #CIOVirtualEvent

Virtual – Southwest region

At this virtual roundtable, we’ll discuss how as businesses accelerate their migration of core processes and data to the cloud, security remains a top consideration. Join us as we discuss the challenges of managing cloud security and how utilizing non-native solutions might be a better approach to addressing security priorities like encryption. #CSOVirtualEvent

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