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Amazon’s Sidewalk could be a big boon to business

What looks like a consumer play by the company is actually a largely untapped public resource for business — from startups to enterprises.

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2 advanced tools that'll change how you interact with Android apps

Save money and boost your productivity with these clever tools for finding and enhancing all the right apps on Android.

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Windows Into The Future

Being future ready in a generative AI world

Change is coming fast for many companies, courtesy a raft of new AI-based tools like ChatGPT. So how do corporate leaders adjust to what’s coming?



Microsoft offers to change cloud licensing practices to avoid EU antitrust probe, says report

After European cloud vendors filed a formal complaint with the European Commission in 2022, Microsoft is reportedly seeking to reach an agreement before an investigation is launched.

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Apple's WWDC is coming — what should enterprise users expect?

Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations, promised a lot when she said, “WWDC23 is going to be our biggest and most exciting yet.” Will Apple live up to the hype?

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3CX DesktopApp compromised by supply chain attack

3CX will be releasing an update for the DesktopApp in the next few hours; meanwhile, users are urged to use the PWA Client instead.

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Legislation to rein in AI’s use in hiring grows

States and municipalities are eyeing restrictions on the use of artificial intelligence-based bots to find, screen, interview, and hire job candidates because of privacy and bias issues. Some states have already put laws on the books....

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Tech big wigs: Hit the brakes on AI rollouts

In an open letter, more than 1,100 tech luminaries have warned about a possible 'loss of control of our civilization' to unchecked AI.

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What’s new for IT in the latest Mac, iPhone, and iPad updates?

The latest patches shouldn’t be judged by the dozens of new emoji they include; they also carry significant tweaks for IT admins managing fleets of devices.

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UK government’s AI strategy to rely on existing regulations instead of new laws

In its white paper outlining its policy on AI regulation, the UK government has called for “responsible use” while avoiding the introduction of what it calls innovation-stifling “heavy-handed legislation.”


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7 Google Play Store secrets for smarter Android app management

Save time and perform all sorts of advanced Android app sorcery with these off-the-beaten-path Play Store tricks.

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Understanding the Windows Unified Update Platform

The platform that drives Windows Update, UUP enables client devices to find, download, install, and roll back Windows updates. Here’s how it works and how to use the UUP Dump website to create custom Windows images for enterprise...

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Windows 11: A guide to the updates

Here’s what you need to know about the latest updates to Windows 11 as they’re released from Microsoft. Now updated for KB5023778 Preview, released on March 28, 2023.

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What is Web Push for Web Apps on iPhone and iPad?

As anticipated, Apple introduced support for Web Push on iOS and iPadOS with iOS 16.4. What is it and how can it benefit you, or your business?

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Asana launches prediction-based AI tools to improve decision making

Work management platform Asana has announced a host of self-described “pre-AI” tools that focus on predictive AI, staying clear of generative AI capabilities associated with ChatGPT.