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Office 365: A guide to the updates

Get the latest info on new features, bug fixes, and security updates for Office 365/Microsoft 365 for Windows as they roll out from Microsoft. Now updated for Version 2309 (Build 16827.20130), released on Sept. 28, 2023.

iPhone 15 lineup

Is that a hot iPhone 15 in your pocket, or... ?

Recent reports claiming the iPhone 15 is prone to overheating may turn out to be little more than hot air.

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The antitrust suit against Google isn’t the DOJ-Microsoft fight redux

While Google dominates in internet search, it's not the tech behemoth Microsoft was in the 1990s when it was sued by the Department of Justice.


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Will the FTC's Lina Khan succeed in breaking up Amazon?

The US Federal Trade Commission under legal star Lina Khan has charged Amazon with illegally maintaining a monopoly and seeks "structural relief," which could mean breaking off parts of its business.

Jamf and MacBook

JNUC 2023: The top 5 changes JAMF unveiled

The Jamf Nation User Conference is one of the biggest events for Apple IT professionals. Here are the highlights from this year's get-together in Austin, TX.

Meta Quest 3.

Meta Quest 3’s mixed reality ‘passthrough’ broadens workplace appeal

Meta’s latest headset is pitched primarily at consumers. But as with other devices in its AR/VR portfolio, the Quest is also suited to immersive training for employees — and improved ‘passthrough’ capabilities make collaboration a...


Meta challenges ChatGPT with chatbot, OpenAI fires back with new features

Meta this week unveiled a new chatbot connected to the Bing search engine that can have a conversation with a user and create images based on textual inputs.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang during a press Q&A at Computex 2023

Nvidia’s French offices raided for anticompetitive practices: Report

While France’s competition watchdog did not confirm the identity of the entity being investigated, it said that the raids were conducted in the graphics cards sector.


Google US antitrust trial: A timeline

The biggest antitrust trial of the century has kicked off, targeting Google's search business, and a second trial against the tech giant, focusing on advertising, is scheduled for next year. Here's an updated, play-by-play account of...

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FTC renews legal challenge to Microsoft’s $69B purchase of Activision

The US Federal Trade Commission has revived proceedings to block the Microsoft-Activision merger as it awaits a ruling from a federal appeals court on a temporary injunction, and just weeks ahead of the expected close of the deal.


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Apple Holic

‘We hoped not to use WebKit at all,' says Vivaldi CEO, as iOS browser ships

With Europe's DMA in place, “the gatekeeper is no longer going to be able to dictate what you use or try to force you to use software you do not like," says Vivaldi chief Jon von Tetzchner.

Windows Into The Future

Wi-Fi 7 could make thin clients much more viable

The days when bandwidth and networking issues could hold back thin client devices may be over — thanks to Wi-Fi 7.

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Chip industry strains to meet AI-fueled demands — will smaller LLMs help?

Large language models are growing in size, as is the number of companies using generative AI technology. The more the models grow, the more CPUs they consume — exacerbating an already-strained chip supply chain.

Google Bard at Google I/O

Google to block Bard conversations from being indexed on Search

The company said the conversations were being indexed accidentally after an SEO Consultant took to Twitter, now X, to report the issue.

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US FTC hits Amazon with antitrust lawsuit on e-commerce business

In the latest antitrust lawsuit to be leveled against a big tech company, Amazon is facing complaints it engaged in anticompetitive behavior that has negatively impacted buyers and sellers on its e-commerce platform.