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Are carriers going 'soft'?

Carriers in mature markets like the U.S. and Europe are adapting to cope with the prospects of saturating mobile phone adoption and slower revenue growth.

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Microsoft wants to enable cellular PCs, but will carriers bite?

Microsoft is aiming to help users stay connected by supporting the installation of programmable SIM cards in PCs and Windows tablets and having users purchase cellular data service though the Windows Store.

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1 million broadband customers offline in Germany; 'external influence' blamed

Almost 1 million Deutsche Telekom customers have been struggling to get online since Sunday.

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AT&T to acquire Time Warner for $85.4B in content play

AT&T said it will acquire Time Warner for $85.4 billion, reflecting a continuing trend for the consolidation of communications and media companies.

Project Fi Group Plan

Why Project Fi's new group plan is a no-brainer for families

Google's wireless service is giving back money to families who subscribe, but it's up to you to sign up for the savings.

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EU plan swaps roaming fees for roaming fudge

The European Commission has reworked its plan to end mobile phone roaming fees in the face of widespread criticism of its 90-day annual limit.

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AT&T unveils AirGig for low-cost wireless broadband along power lines

AT&T on Tuesday announced a low-cost, high-speed wireless internet technology that relies on plastic antennas set up along medium-voltage power lines.

Project Fi Feature

Project Fi has a powerful bonus feature hidden in plain sight

An unassuming option can change the way you think about mobile technology -- but only if you see it for its full potential.

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AT&T fined $7.75M after suspected drug traffickers slip charges into phone bills

AT&T will pay a $7.75 million fine for allowing suspected illegal drug operations to add millions of dollars of bogus directory assistance charges to its customers' landline telephone bills, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission...

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Top cities not tops in wireless networks, testing shows

Big cities don't always have the best wireless connectivity, according to new data from RootMetrics.

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Verizon, AT&T find new markets as traditional revenues flatten

With their purchases of DirecTV, AOL and Yahoo, the nation's two biggest wireless carriers are moving beyond their traditional business to search for other revenues.

Verizon-Yahoo! merger/acquisition

With Yahoo buy, Verizon hopes to stay competitive in digital ad market

Verizon will faces major challenges as it integrates Yahoo into its organization. But the company needed to take steps to diversify beyond traditional wireless service revenues.

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AT&T sees cost savings with drone inspections of cell towers

AT&T expects to save money by using drones instead of workers to inspect its 65,000 cellular transmission towers nationwide.

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Why Google Fi? Because it's fast, cheap and easy

The best mobile service just got way, way better. Google's poorly understood Fi is just too good to pass up, especially for digital nomads.

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AT&T deploys drones for cell tower inspections, network expansion

AT&T is now using drones to inspect its cellular towers and foresees them as a way to beef up its wireless LTE network on the fly.

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Like smartphones, IoT communications going long distance

The world's newest mobile telecoms network went into operation this week, but it's not for smartphones. The network, built by South Korea's SK Telecom, is dedicated to gadgets that connect to the so-called internet of things.

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Google sells stake in satellite Internet operator O3b Networks

Google has sold its stake in satellite Internet access provider O3b Networks to co-investor SES.

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FCC nears vote to bring superfast 5G networks to the U.S.

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission will move to open up high-frequency spectrum to not-yet-available 5G mobile services in an effort to bring the superfast wireless connections to U.S. consumers.

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AT&T to support Wi-Fi calling on the LG G4

AT&T said it will support calling over a Wi-Fi network from the LG G4 phone, with other Android devices to follow.

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Ericsson will lay off 3,000 this summer, report says

Ericsson is preparing to lay off between 3,000 and 4,000 staff this summer, according to a Swedish newspaper.

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