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01 day breach calendar year

Win10 version 1809 gets its laggard second 'April' cumulative update, KB 4501835

But with a release on the first Wednesday in May, is the long-anticipated 'optional non-security' cumulative update an 'E Week' patch, an early 'A Week' or something else altogether? Inquiring minds, etc., etc.


Top web browsers 2019: Chrome dumps user share

It was a good month for Mozilla's Firefox browser, which is at its highlest level of use in a year, and for the Microsoft IE/Edge combo. The user share for the two browsers jumped 1.4 points.

windows 7 logo in the rear view mirror

About that Windows 7 End-of-Life nag screen: It ain’t working

Microsoft's end-of-life screen telling Windows 7 users to back up their files and prepare for what's next has had zero effect on Windows 7 usage statistics.

5 password best practices unique passwords authentication

Microsoft tells IT admins to nix 'obsolete' password reset practice

The company now says forcing users to routinely reset passwords at pre-set time intervals doesn't work as well other security options.

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Microsoft Patch Alert: April patches have sharp edges, with several missing, others reappearing

April started with a bad spate of bluescreens for some antivirus products – and didn’t get much better. We’re still missing the second Win10 1809 cumulative update. And a buggy 2016 Internet Explorer patch makes a reappearance.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

How to use Microsoft Surface with your iPhone

Not every iPhone user gets to own an iPad, some get by using a Microsoft Surface

band aid patch fix bandage tin container mend by franckv unsplash

Second-wave April Windows patches arrive, not with a bang, but a Japanese whimper

We waited an extra 10 days for this? Microsoft has released its second monthly patches for Windows. Oddities abound, but there’s no fix for the mammoth bluescreen antivirus conflict in Win7 or 8.1, and precious little improvement...

Windows logo overlaying hand with band-aid patch

Where are the April Windows patches?

The April second cumulative updates and Monthly Rollup Previews have gone missing. Usually we get them on the third Tuesday. Now the fourth Tuesday has passed, and we still have nothing. Patching predictability? Pshaw.

Microsoft Windows headaches

How to fix six Windows 10 headaches

Microsoft's Windows 10 OS is a lot better than its predecessor, but it still has some annoying quirks. We help you solve them.

microsoft edge browser resized2

Microsoft adds more reasons for enterprise users to run Edge on mobile devices

The iOS and Android versions of the company's Edge browser now support single sign-on and conditional access, a move that could spur more use for the mobile version of Edge.

windows 7 logo in the rear view mirror

Windows 7 upgrade nag messages start to show up

They're heeeerre.... Microsoft has begun pushing Windows 7 users to move to Windows 10 before support ends for the older OS in January 2020.

laptop keyboard with a life preserver or personal floatation device [PFD]

Here's an easier way to block the IE XXE zero day security hole

Many well-intentioned people recommend you disable/uninstall Internet Explorer right now to guard against a newly published zero day. It turns out there’s a much simpler way to fix the problem, as long as you don’t rely on MHT files....

patch on top of Windows logo

Win7/8.1/Server patch conflicts abated, somewhat, but it’s still too early to install the April crop

The blue-screen-inducing behavior in Sophos and Avast antivirus products has been addressed by emergency new versions. Avira, oddly, has yanked its advisories, but there’s no announced all-clear. In all cases, it’s still much too...

face superimposed on keyboard privacy hacker

How to protect your privacy in Windows 10

Worried about privacy issues in Windows 10? Here's what you can do.

hand at keyboard with Windows logo

Microsoft surrenders control over Windows 10 upgrades: What you need to know

It's not easy keeping track of all the upgrade timing changes Microsoft keeps rolling out. And now, there's a new one: 'Download and install now.' Here's what that means.

Broken window with Windows 10 logo

This month’s Windows patching debacle gradually comes into focus

April 2019 Windows patches wreaked havoc on many PCs, with crashes linked to Sophos, Avast and Avira products and debilitating slowdown reports on Win10 1809 machines. Who’s testing this stuff? Ends up the answer isn’t all that...

microsoft edge browser resized2

Microsoft previews 'full-Chromium' Edge for the first time

Windows 10 users running the 64-bit edition of the OS now have access to two different "builds" of the still-under-construction browser.

neon repair sign fix patch by dana vollenweider unsplash

April brings massive updates to Windows and critical updates to both browsers and Adobe Flash

The old adage about April being the cruelest month looks to be true with this hefty and significant update to all of Microsoft’s platforms.

computer snow freezing frozen cold pc hardware

Widespread reports of freezing with yesterday’s Win7 and 8.1 Monthly Rollups, KB 4493472 and KB 4493446

While most of Patch Tuesday seems to be going relatively smoothly, Win7, Win8.1, Server 2008 R2 and 2012 R2 machines are seeing multiple problems with this month’s patches, both Security-only updates and Monthly Rollups. Sophos has...

clock and calendar montage

Windows 10 update (and retirement) calendar: Mark these dates

Microsoft is releasing new versions of Windows 10 on a set schedule – and just as regularly retiring older versions from support. Here are all the dates you need to know about through Windows 7's retirement in 2020 and beyond.

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