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microsoft surface pro 4 display detail

Windows tablets for business hit 10% share in second quarter

Microsoft and its Windows devices globally accounted for 6% of business smartphones and 10% of tablets in the second quarter of 2015, breaking the double-digit mark for business tablets for the first time, according to Strategy...

Microsoft Surface Lumia

Microsoft's zombie Lumia 950 / 950XL, plus Surface Pro 4 / Book (and ^2)

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella introduces the world to new Windows hardware. An improved tablet (Surface Pro 4), a convertible laptop (Surface Book), and a pair of pointless phones (Lumia 950 and 950XL)...


Windows 10 device roundup features Lumia smartphones with Display Dock

Microsoft jammed a range of new Windows 10 devices into a two-hour announcement -- everything from three new Lumia smartphones, a Microsoft Band 2 smart wrist wearable, a new Surface Pro 4 and its first-ever laptop, the Surface Book....

Windows 10 Mobile running on a Lumia 940XL.

The future of Windows phones includes unlocking with facial recognition

Microsoft released a set of guidelines detailing what it expects from different tiers of Windows 10 phones and tablets, offering a glimpse at what the company's hardware plans may look like.

nokia lumia 520 windows phone 8.1 ru

Windows 10: Microsoft lays its smartphone ambitions to rest

The company wants us to believe that Universal apps — usable on all Windows 10 devices — will save the day for Windows Phone. It’s already clear that won’t be happening.

lumia 950xl prototype

Lumia 950 XL leaked images foreshadow Win10 Mobile’s future

The device, with a 5.7-in. display, will reportedly be announced in September or October alongside the Lumia 950, with a 5.2-in. display.

Windows Phone flagship hope kindled: ''Cityman'' and ''Talkman'' rumors

For users sick and tired of being sick and tired of waiting for a new Windows Phone flagship, Daniel Rubino is a hero...

Microsoft COO Kevin Turner

Microsoft exec: Forget the past

In a revival tent-like speech Wednesday, Microsoft COO Kevin Turner urged the company's partners to forget the past -- an allusion to the failure of its smartphone business to gain meaningful share -- and defended the decision to keep...

Satya Nadella Microsoft Lumia Windows Mobile Phone

Microsoft ''will'' make Lumia Windows phones. But how? (Nadella isn't clear)

The Microsoft Lumia and Windows Phone business is dead. Unless it isn't. Satya Nadella 'clarified' the strategy, but now there are more questions than answers...

041515 microsoft windows 10 smartphone windows phone

Just give up on mobile already, Microsoft

With no market share and everyone who was connected with Nokia laid off, it’s hard for anyone to take Windows Phone seriously.

041515 microsoft windows 10 smartphone windows phone

Microsoft gives Windows phones one last shot

Microsoft will continue to make smartphones for its Windows 10 Mobile operating system, but the company has thrown in the towel on the devices strategy pursued by its former CEO and will probably give up entirely unless Windows 10...

Microsoft Lumia and Windows Phone are dead

Told ya so: Microsoft Lumia, Windows Phone are DEAD (also Snoopy)

Windows Phone is dead. Microsoft Lumia is dead. If you didn't already know this, you've not been paying attention. The writing's on the wall...

Windows Phone

What’s the future for Windows Phone?

Despite rumors that Microsoft is about to kill Windows Phone, some industry observers say that's unlikely for several reasons, especially the expected gains from the rollout of Windows 10, which will run on smartphones and other...

Microsoft could write off billions on Nokia deal as early as Wednesday

Microsoft could announce a write-off of a big part of its 2013 Nokia acquisition as early as Wednesday.

cwjuly2015 klossner microsoft automotive cartoon

Microsoft at a crossroads in the automotive tech market

Microsoft is being squeezed out of the in-vehicle infotainment business, but it's by no means giving up on the automotive industry. It may have a future as an OS-agnostic provider of cloud-based services.

microsoft elop nadella lumia dead

Microsoft Lumia phones are DEAD (Satya said stop, but Nokia says go)

Did Nadella just kill the Lumia business? Is it KIN all over again? That's our inescapable conclusion from his reorganization memo...

windows 10 mobile phone home screen

Next build of Windows 10 for phones coming Tuesday

Windows Phone users waiting for the next beta build of Windows 10 shouldn't have to wait for long. Windows Insider Program members can upgrade their phones to Windows 10 Mobile build 10036 on Tuesday.

windows phone 81 cortana main screen nokia lumia icon april 2014

Microsoft green-lights Cortana on rivals iOS and Android

Microsoft today confirmed that it will release Android and iOS mobile apps that feature Cortana, the company's intelligent assistant.

iPhone side view

Apple mobile devices still dominate at companies, but Windows, Android gain

Apple products are still the preferred mobile devices among enterprise users, but competitors are chipping away at the company's lead, especially in the tablet market.

Microsoft says developers can port iOS and Android apps to Windows 10

Developers of iOS and Android apps will be able to bring their apps and games to Windows 10, Microsoft's next operating system that's designed to run on Windows Phone, laptops and other devices, the company announced at its Build...

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