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Varjo xr 4 focal edition in flight simulation
Vision Pro

Microsoft Copilot added to Dynamics 365 Guides

Microsoft combines Copilot AI with mixed reality for industrial workers

Factory technicians will be able to point to objects and ask the generative AI assistant for guidance on repairs and maintenance.

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Q&A: The human-machine relationship requires mutual understanding, respect for AI

Three Gartner Research executives weighed in on the coming wave of generative AI apps and how human interaction with machines will redefine how CIOs, CEOs and everyone else see it. And don't forget to say 'please' and 'thank you.'

vr soft skills training virtualspeech presentation

A flight simulator for the office: How VR is helping workers hone soft skills

With virtual reality-based training, employees can practice skills such as public speaking and conflict resolution in a safe environment, building confidence before taking on challenges in the real world.

WWDC Vision Pro digital crown

Apple Vision Pro anticipation leaves VR industry gasping

The VR industry has been sent into a tailspin by Apple's Vision Pro pre-announcement. Consumers aren't buying while they wait to see what these things will do.

meta glasses

The future of augmented reality is AI

And the future of AI is…augmented reality.


Faced with back-to-office mandates, employees are ‘coffee badging’ office visits

Many employees are doing the bare minimum to satisfy in-office requirements, simply showing up long enough to get credit for being there before returning home to work.

Meta Quest 3.

Meta Quest 3’s mixed reality ‘passthrough’ broadens workplace appeal

Meta’s latest headset is pitched primarily at consumers. But as with other devices in its AR/VR portfolio, the Quest is also suited to immersive training for employees — and improved ‘passthrough’ capabilities make collaboration a...

Meta Quest 3 headset

IDC: AR/VR headset sales slide, could rebound with Apple, Meta device launches

The upcoming Meta Quest 3 is set to drive a rebound in business demand for AR/VR headsets, but Apple’s Vision Pro is expected to have only a muted impact on commercial adoption.

industrial metaverse concept by gorodenkoff via shutterstock

Manufacturing firms make early bets on the industrial metaverse

The metaverse concept has faced a lot of skepticism, but industrial firms appear keen to deploy technologies, such as digital twins and virtual reality devices, that serve as the precursors to more immersive and interconnected...

gameChange VR app

Q&A: How VR can automate delivery of mental health treatment

Daniel Freeman, a professor at the University of Oxford who has pioneered research into how virtual reality can be used in the treatment of mental health disorders, talked about the growing role of VR as devices become more widely...

Virtual Reality

As VR headset adoption grows, privacy issues could emerge

UC-Berkeley researchers found that hand and head motion data could be as good as fingerprints and facial scans at identifying users, raising a host of privacy concerns as headset adoption grows.

WWDC Vision Pro model

Apple plays nice with others for an OpenUSD metaverse

Meta matters less with the news that Apple, Adobe, Pixar, Autodesk, NVIDIA, and the Joint Development Foundation have joined forces to promote and develop a standard to empower mixed and virtual reality experiences.

Apple Watch Ultra - compass

Apple Watch rumor hints it's time for 3D printing to go mainstream

A claim that Apple plans to print components in a future product suggests 3D printing may have reached an important point.

How spatial computing ends the concept of remote work

The arrival of spatial computing means the entire office will be virtualized within a few years.

Vision Pro WWDC 2023

Apple's cutting-edge Vision Pro doesn't need iPhone sales to succeed

Vision Pro sales forecasts are not good barometers of success for a platform we already know will evolve and become pervasive over time.

Vision Pro

Apple’s Vision Pro: Will it work for work?

The company’s ‘spatial computing’ device could be the first step on a long journey to the promised land of AR glasses, say analysts. But early-adopter businesses might still find the Vision Pro useful.

Apple Vision Pro headset with a purple background

How we know that Apple’s Vision Pro means business

Apple’s big announcement was impressive. But what we’ve learned since then points the way to a massive enterprise adoption of spacial computing.

meta horizon workspace 3d review

Meta exec: VR meetings will coexist with, not replace, videoconferencing (for now)

Mike LeBeau, founder and product lead for Meta’s Horizon Workrooms, makes the case for VR as the future of team meetings — but admits the user experience is currently lacking.

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