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Introduction to ChatGPT

Zoom goes for a blatant genAI data grab; enterprises, beware (updated)

Zoom stirred up a kerfuffle this month when it amended its terms of service to make execs comfortable that it wouldn’t use Zoom data to train generative AI models. In reality, it was really doing spin control worthy of the sleaziest...

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Does Zoom have a death wish?

When a company that makes software designed to ensure remote work is successful decides its own employees need to be in the office, it's sending the exact wrong message to customers.

HP Dragonfly G4

HP’s Dragonfly G4 — a better laptop for remote workers?

Adding the right camera tools could make a big difference on remote worker productivity when it’s done right.

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Growing enterprise revenue boosts Zoom’s first-quarter growth

The videoconferencing company is doubling down on its investment in AI, and remains positive about its financial outlook despite a slump in online sales.

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Zoom announces partnership with Anthropic for AI call center services

Videoconferencing giant Zoom will team up with AI startup Anthropic to bring AI features into its products, starting with its Contact Center product line.

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After the remote-work rush, vacant offices and empty downtowns

With hybrid and remote work now the norm, employers are not renewing leases and choosing carefully the buildings they do want for their workers. Office space now must compete with every other location where work can be done.

Zoom Contact Center

Zoom adds generative AI to Zoom IQ; partners with OpenAI

Zoom announced a new host of AI-backed capabilities for its “smart companion” tool, doubling down on its CEO’s promise of helping customers benefit from the technology.


Zoom sets sights on AI development as it posts fourth-quarter loss

A month after Zoom cut 15% of its workforce, the videoconferencing company says restructuring will let it weather economic uncertainties, as it incorporates AI into its products.

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5 reasons videoconferencing is on the decline (again)

The videoconferencing industry always seems to be on an upswing, right before it crashes back to reality. Why can't it get its act together?

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Zoom sales growth slows as online business slumps in post-pandemic era

As organizations continue to push for the return of in-person work, Zoom’s earnings show the company has challenges in the post-pandemic business landscape, even as enterprise sales stay steady.

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Can today’s videoconferencing tech evolve into tomorrow’s metaverse?

The shift to video brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and remote work needs may have abated, but it's not going away. The question now is how it might morph into something new.

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As videoconferencing needs change, it's time to plan for what comes next

With companies looking to include remote and hybrid workers in the daily office routine, videoconferencing will play a crucial role in keeping everyone connected. Some thoughts on how to get it right.

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Cisco Webex supports hybrid work with new collaboration capabilities

At the 2022 WebexOne event, Cisco announces a slew of new innovations, including a brand-new whiteboarding app and audio watermarking to better protect in-meeting conversations

Webex video

Apple’s DeskView and Continuity Camera come to Webex

‘This industry-first innovation enables frontline workers to collaborate more effectively by leveraging the high-quality video capture capabilities of Apple devices,’ says Cisco.

Bashing 4 new myths about digital nomads

The digital nomad honeymoon is over, and the backlash has begun. Here are the new myths — and the facts — about digital nomads.

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The Microsoft-Cisco Teams collaboration could create an interoperability revolution

If everyone's going to work together, our tools have to work together, too. That's why the news from Microsoft and Cisco at this week's Ignite event matters.

Computerworld Cheat Sheet > Microsoft > Teams [Office 365]

Microsoft Teams cheat sheet: How to get started

Microsoft’s answer to Slack and Zoom, Teams provides group messaging, voice and video calls, and useful integrations with other Microsoft 365 apps. Here’s how to get set up in Teams and find your way around.

A remote worker works from home with tablet, documents, notebook and pen.

Six in 10 workers want to ditch the 40-hour work week, survey finds

Most workers want their productivity measured by results — not by how many hours they spend working, according to a multi-national survey by business software and services provider Adaptavist.

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