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FinTech - financial technology - blockchain network - distributed ledger wireframe

How blockchain will underpin the new trust economy

Over the next two years, businesses will increasingly turn to blockchain to establish trust among parties looking to transfer everything from money and movable goods to property.

How blockchain can help tackle ticketing touts

Aventus is pioneering B2B ticketing software infrastructure to solve some of the biggest problems facing the ticket market

Research: Does Asia lead in global blockchain implementation?

New research based on feedback from 7,381 global IT leaders looks at who is actually implementing blockchain technology

The Riva S can be used in any room.

How smart was it for Williams-Sonoma to drop $112M for an AR firm?

AR is a nice retail mobile add-on, but what Williams-Sonoma needs more is to address retail fundamentals. W-S, look to Amazon for an example.

How to pick a blockchain

Download Chapter 2 from "Blockchain for Dummies" courtesy of Wiley

symphony desktop app

Symphony targets collaboration users outside financial services

The ‘Bloomberg-killer’ collaboration app maker hopes to attract new users in a variety of regulated industries with a focus on advanced security features.

Discover ten top blockchain projects

Download Chapter 19 from "Blockchain for Dummies" courtesy of Wiley

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10 blockchain startups and how they can help your enterprise

Software, services, platforms: Businesses are bringing you blockchains in all shapes and sizes. These 10 offer technological bricks you can use in the enterprise.

FinTech - financial technology - blockchain network - distributed ledger wireframe

Blockchain-as-a-service allows enterprises test distributed ledger technology

Blockchain deployment is still gathering steam, but cloud providers are already moving to offer it as an enterprise service. That could help companies who don't want to take on the expense of a new architecture or find developers to...

Q&A: New cryptocurrencies debit card launches in the UK

Benjamin Dives, CEO and cofounder of the London Block Exchange, tells us what it means

FinTech - financial technology - blockchain network - distributed ledger wireframe

The top 5 problems with blockchain

While blockchain holds the promise for reinventing business processes, it is still a nascent technology that continues to show vulnerabilities.

Can public bitcoin mining be a revenue stream?

Major high-traffic sites are already secretly mining cryptocurrency. But is this a viable revenue stream?

windows 10 UUP

As finserv companies lag in Win10 migration, are they exposed to attacks?

And finserv companies should be ahead of curve on security, not behind it.

Fintech regulation could drive competitive growth in Mexico

Mexico joins countries like Germany in its new move to regulate fintech

holiday games 2015 lead

Target Pay's holiday launch is good for shoppers, bad for retail

Will forcing shoppers to use a different payment mechanism for every retailer be a good thing? Or will it just dampen mobile payment enthusiasm overall?

Blockchain-based companies have finally joined the unicorn club?

Instead of five blockchain unicorns, we have one. And a couple of billion-dollar ICOs

brick and mortar online retail ts

The 'retail apocalypse' is a myth

Online shopping is killing brick-and-mortar retail, right? Wrong! The reality is better than you think.

FinTech - financial technology - blockchain network - distributed ledger wireframe

Mastercard launches its own blockchain payments network

Following others in the financial services industry, Mastercard unveiled its own blockchain distributed ledger for cross-border payments.

FinTech - financial technology - blockchain network - distributed ledger wireframe

Blockchain gains traction in FinTech as payment networks emerge

Banks and financial tech companies are increasingly embracing blockchain’s native capabilities as the basis for cross-border payment networks.

blockchain ios application

FinTech builds on blockchain for international mobile payments

IBM unveiled a cross-border blockchain payments service with a Polynesian payments system provider designed to improve efficiency and reduce the cost of making global payments for business and consumers.

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