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Ethics — what ethics? For Microsoft, it’s full speed ahead on AI

Microsoft's quickly embraced all things AI, even as many in the tech industry raise concerns about the inherent dangers of the technology. The company doesn't care.

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China bans chip maker Micron from key infrastructure projects

The US Commerce Department opposed the decision, saying the restrictions have no basis in fact.

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Three problems with generative AI have yet to be addressed

While AI-based tools could deliver a major boost in productivity and efficiency, there's a dark side to them, as well.

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Supreme Court sides with Twitter, Google over tech platform liability

Section 230 remains unchanged with two narrow rulings from the Supreme Court that find major tech players aren’t liable for harms created by user-created content.

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Micron to invest $3.6B for Japanese production of DRAM chips

Having already invested billions of dollars in the US chip sector, Micron has announced it will be the first company to bring extreme ultraviolet lithography production methods to Japan.

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Europe must lead in semiconductor manufacturing: EU Commissioner

While European research has been vital for advanced chip manufacturing, it is not enough to make the bloc industry leaders, the EU Commissioner said.

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Senate hearings see a clear and present danger from AI — and opportunities

Two Senate committees met separately Tuesday with industry experts, including OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, on how to control artificial intelligence as it barrels down the development highway, threatening privacy and rights as it goes.

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EU Commission OKs Microsoft’s $69B acquisition of Activision Blizzard

Less than a month after the UK's CMA ruled against the deal, the EU Commission has approved the acquisition, providing new licensing agreements by Microsoft are kept in place for the next decade.

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Tech layoffs in 2023: A timeline

Technology companies have picked up the pace of layoffs in 2023 as they face an uncertain global economy and slowing revenue growth. Here's an updated timeline of the more notable layoffs, and the reasons why Big Tech in turmoil.

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IBM’s watsonx could be a generative AI game-changer

Generative AI has been much-hyped over the past few months, but still faces serious teething issues. IBM's watsonx could help solve some of those problems.


LinkedIn lays off 716 staffers, to shut China job app

The layoffs, which come at a time when the company is turning 20, are part of the company’s new strategy to match evolving market conditions, CEO Ryan Roslansky said in a letter to employees.

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Building a digital clone or assistant with generative AI — good idea or bad?

Generative AI tools can be a force for good — increased productivity, new skills — or bad, if workers can be replaced. So it's important to think through the implications of the coming AI disruption.

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Cognizant cuts 3,500 jobs in post-COVID, hybrid work restructuring plan

Cognizant’s restructuring plan aims to cut costs, and includes the redistribution of office space throughout India.

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Q&A: Google’s Geoffrey Hinton — humanity just a 'passing phase' in the evolution of intelligence

The Google engineering fellow who recently resigned was key to the development of generative AI and chatbots; he now believes he underestimated the existential threat they pose, and once AI can create its own goals, humans won't be...

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AI deep fakes, mistakes, and biases may be unavoidable, but controllable

AI experts at MIT this week admitted there's nothing on the horizon that indicates generative AI technology such as ChatGPT will ever be free of mistakes and could well be used for malicious purposes. But there are ways to curb the...

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Dropbox lays off 16% of staff to refocus on AI, as sales growth slows

Dropbox is profitable but growth is slowing, just when it needs to ramp up AI expertise.

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UK expected to offer $1.25 billion for nation's semiconductor industry

A reported billion-pound subsidy for UK-based chipmaking falls short of US efforts, but follows similar logic in pushing for more domestic manufacturing capacity.

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Bosch to acquire TSI Semiconductor, invest $1.5 B post acquisition

The acquisition is part of Bosch’s strategy to tap into the rising demand for chips globally, especially in the automotive and electronics sector.

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