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Onboarding remote employees doesn't have to be hard

Since not all employees return to the office, companies must onboard remote employees effectively

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HP exec: There’s no going back to the pre-pandemic workplace

Unlike many companies mandating a return to office, HP has settled on a more relaxed view of hybrid work, enticing workers to come in with the latest technology and letting them and their managers choose when they need to be in the...

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IBM's software unit issues global return to office mandate

IBM software division employees living within 50 miles of an office globally are now required to be physically present for a minimum of three days a week.

Amazon's return-to-office mandate won't work out

No matter how many companies demand that their employees return to the office, the shift to remote work that occurred during the pandemic isn't going anywhere.

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How many jobs are available in technology in the US?

A seesaw effect seems to have taken hold as unemployment in IT rose in August after falling significantly the month before.

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As UAW seeks 4-day workweek, the idea gains ground with US workers

The United Auto Worker union's push for a four-day workweek, among other negotiation demands, indicates the idea is gaining traction among both workers and employers.

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How to select sustainability management software

For organizations serious about meeting environmental, social, and governance goals, sustainability management tools can collect relevant data, analyze it, and provide actionable insights. Here’s what to look for and six leading tools...

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Meta employees who flout new return-to-office mandate face termination

Weeks before Meta’s new return-to-office policy is set to come into force, the company’s human resources chief wrote to employees warning of serious consequences for workers who repeatedly violate the rules.

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How old Facebook plus new AI could save remote work

Work from home is failing, with more and more companies demanding their employees return to the office. AI-driven tools for onboarding and employee engagement could fix that.

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Amazon chastises staff for failure to comply with in-office work mandate

In an email to some US-based employees, Amazon sends a stern reminder about its requirement for staff to be physically present in the office three days a week.

The future of work is AI-enhanced and remote

Two of the biggest unresolved questions in business this year are whether remote work is here to stay and how AI will affect jobs. We're starting to get some clues about the answers.

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Does Zoom have a death wish?

When a company that makes software designed to ensure remote work is successful decides its own employees need to be in the office, it's sending the exact wrong message to customers.

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Q&A: Why does Google care so much about hiring diverse AI teams?

As generative AI becomes entrenched in our everyday lives, concerns about the potential consequences of biased models on minority groups need to be addressed, says Google cloud executive Helen Kelisky.

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Hybrid work is entering the 'trough of disillusionment'

As more organizations, including governments, call employees back to the office at least part of the workweek, the love affair with remote and hybrid work may be cooling off.

The working-from-home debate gets old

If your people are happy and productive doing their job from home, let them!

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Biden: Get federal workers back in the office

An email from the White House to Cabinet members urged them to get employees back into federal buldings in order to improve service and "customer experience."

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Zoom requires employees to get back to the office

Zoom — the company that became synonymous with working from home during the COVID pandemic — has issued a return-to-the-office mandate for the majority of its workers.

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Return-to-office mandates rise as worker productivity drops

Bosses are imposing more strict in-office mandates as new data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics showed productivity has slumped slightly since the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Generative AI could be a critical tool for the visually impaired

Because of the way generative AI can ingest data from websites and allow users to interact with it verbally, it could be a boon for workers with sight problems.

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