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Want to live on Mars with 1M of your closest friends?

Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, envisions the day when there is a working, thriving, self-sustaining civilization of a million people on Mars.

star trek then now intro

Star Trek tech: From science fiction to science fact

When Star Trek first made its TV appearance 50 years ago this week, it showed us cool technologies and gadgets that people could only dream about in the 1960s. Today, many of those are a reality.

star trek

50 years of <i>Star Trek</i>: Boldly inspiring generations of scientists

For many science, technology and space researchers today, the original Star Trek fueled their passions.

spacex explosion

SpaceX launch pad explosion also destroys Facebook’s satellite

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and its commercial satellite payload, which Facebook planned to use to beam Internet connectivity, exploded today on the launch pad.


NASA to send spacecraft on 1.2B-mile journey to asteroid

NASA next month will launching a spacecraft designed to return a sample of an asteroid to Earth for the first time.


SpaceX sticks sixth successful Falcon 9 landing

Taking a page out of Simone Biles's book, Elon Musk's SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket successfully landed on a droneship off the shore of Florida after launching a satellite into space.

160709 m ob268 122

The U.S. Marines are testing a pocket-sized helicopter drone

The U.S. Marine Corps is testing a pocket-sized drone that can deliver live video feeds from three cameras and is small enough that it's almost invisible from the ground.

Curiosity's wheels

Mars rover Curiosity celebrates fourth anniversary

The rover has found evidence of water on the surface of the planet and in its soil, and that its rocks contain sulfur, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and carbon -- all key chemical ingredients for life.

mars curiosity rover

Mars rover uses A.I. to decide what to zap with a laser

NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity now has the ability to decide what targets it wants to capture with a camera or hit with its laser all on its own. No humans needed.

nasa rover 1

NASA ready to build Mars 2020 rover

NASA is ready to wrap up the final design and begin building the next Mars rover, which is set to search, for the first time, for signs of past life on the planet.

mars curiosity rover

NASA rover Curiosity is back at work on Mars

The Mars rover resumed work on Monday after being in safe mode for nine days.

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These ultra-thin solar cells can be bent around a pencil

Scientists in South Korea have developed solar cells thin enough they can be bent around a pencil. The cells could help usher in the use of solar energy in small portable gadgets where space is at a premium.

Blue Origin launch

Afraid of floods and hackers? Put your data in space

Satellite-based data centers with room for petabytes of data may start orbiting Earth as early as 2019. But when it comes to keeping secrets safe from the long arm of the law, the black void may not be far enough.

SpaceX module

With NASA's help, SpaceX shoots for 2018 Mars mission

With some technical help from NASA, aerospace company SpaceX plans to launch a mission to Mars as soon as 2018.

European Space Agency wants to build village on the moon

It's been nearly 50 years since astronauts first landed on the moon. Now the head of the European Space Agency wants to build a permanent international village on the lunar surface.

mars habitat bigelow aerospace beam copy

NASA to test inflatable habitat for future Mars missions

The SpaceX cargo resupply launch for the International Space Station set for April 8 will have something more than the usual scientific experiments, food and replacement parts for the orbiter.

160315 nasa cubesat 1

How smartphones helped NASA to build tiny satellites you can hold in your hand

The same advances in electronics that bring us ever more powerful smartphones are helping NASA become more nimble in exploring the universe.

fire space earth

NASA intends to start a 'large-scale fire' in space

NASA intends to start a 'large-scale' fire aboard the Cygnus spacecraft after it undocks from the ISS as the first of three Spacecraft Fire Experiments (Saffire).

RS-25 engine test

NASA tests rocket engine, a big step in sending humans into deep space

The space agency today for the first time successfully tested its new deep space RS-25 rocket engine. The engine was fired up for 500 seconds, or about 8.5 minutes.

NASA insight

The InSight Mars probe mission is back on

After earlier cancelling this month's planned launch of NASA's Mars probe, the space agency said today that the InSight mission will now lift off in May 2018.

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