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ssd 850evo samsung

Consumer SSDs and hard drive prices are nearing parity

SSDs have seen four straight quarters of 10% or greater price drops, leading one analyst to predict that they will near price parity with hard drives in the next two years.

review how to double your macbook air drive capacity

Review: Doubling MacBook Air drive capacity

A new product boosts capacity on your Mac

Western Digital rolls out ultra-slim 5mm Ultrabook

Western Digital to buy Sandisk for $19B

Hard disk drive specialist Western Digital has agreed to buy flash memory vendor Sandisk for $19 billion.

ssd 950 pro m 2 e 2 1

Intel, Samsung launch their fastest SSDs with up to 5Gbps speeds

Samsung announced its fastest consumer SSD, which comes in a gumstick form factor and has a top speed of 2.5Gbps. Intel announced its fastest enterprise-class PCIe SSD, an expansion card with a top speed of 5Gbps.

Intel Micron 3D XPoint

Intel & Micron 3D XPoint memory -- is it just CBRAM hyped up?

Intel and Micron announce 3D XPoint. Pronounced 'crosspoint,' it's a new form of solid-state, non-volatile memory, we're told. We're also told it's faster and more durable than NAND flash. But we're not told much else, except it's not...

the SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick

SanDisk's new wireless thumb drive streams HD video to three devices

SanDisk today announced the latest of its wireless flash sticks that allow users to access photos, videos and files over Wi-Fi.

macbook nvme

NVMe -- the future of the SSD Mac

We already know the future of the Mac is solid state and that disk drives are rapidly moving into history. Now, the company plans on developing the technologies it uses in SSDs to make them faster.

Intel 3D NAND flash

Mobile storage about to balloon with new 3D flash chips from Intel and Micron

Smartphones, tablets and PCs are about to get a whole lot more storage capacity thanks to new 3D flash chips from Intel and Micron that cram more bits into a smaller space.

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Now on CIO: 5 affordable hardware upgrades

Jazz up your system's storage, memory, networking and display without breaking the bank with this desktop PC upgrade guide.

samsung external ssd

Samsung jumps into external SSD market

It took longer than expected, but Samsung is expanding its product line to include external solid-state drives with a new line of Portable SSD T1 products.


Dear Mac users, please, please backup today

That fast Mac with an SSD drive delivers blistering performance -- until disaster strikes. That's when you really need to have a backup system in place.

intel ssd dc s3500 series m.2

Intel doubles capacity of its data center SSD

Intel's SSD DC S3500 Series is jumping from 800GB to 1.6TB and the company also announced a M.2 SSD card for data center servers.

Hard drives

Seagate, Intel back tech that obliterates redundant data before it’s written

Seagate and Intel lead a $15 million funding round for Israeli-based startup Reduxio, whose software eliminates duplicate data before it's written to a tiered storage system's cache.

Don't use server benchmarks to measure storage performance

Should server benchmarks be used to accurately measure storage performance? Server benchmarks are specifically designed to measure the maximum performance of a server, not the storage. Often performance from one server do not offer...

6Gb mobile DRAM

Apple will consume 25% of all DRAM in the world next year

As it introduces new products over the next year, Apple’s consumption of mobile DRAM will jump from 16.5% of the industry’s production volume this year to 25% in 2015.

3.2TB Samsung SSD

Samsung now offers a 3.2TB SSD module

The 3.2TB SM1715 drive is Samsung's highest-capacity SSD to date, and is built for reliability and durability.

AMD announces Radeon R7 SSD product line, made by enthusiast manufacturer OCZ

AMD said Tuesday that it will sell three 2.5-inch SSDs manufactured by enthusiast house OCZ, allowing AMD to offer high-speed storage alongside microprocessors and graphics chips.

SanDisk's Ultra II SSD offers prices as low as 44 cents per gigabyte

The Ultra II SSD is a follow-up to the consumer-grade Ultra Plus SSD released last year that increases performance while slashing the price point.

AMD set to start selling SSDs for gamers

Information leaked from an AMD site in China shows the company plans to release a series of solid-state drives for gamers and professionals later this year.

Newegg takes pre-orders for Samsung's first 3D Pro SSD

At least one model of Samsung's most advanced Pro-series SSD became available on Newegg on Thursday, and the website said it's taking pre-orders for other models that will be available by the end of the month.

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