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Slack themes

Slack redesigns app to tackle growing complexity

The revamp is aimed at streamlining the popular collaboration application as new features are added in a bid to help users avoid distractions and stay focused.

Google Lens App

16 ways Google Lens can save you time on Android

Google Lens can turn you into a mobile-tech magician, but it's up to you to learn its tricks.

shutterstock dc studio 2

Gamers: Corporate America wants you

Companies struggling to find tech talent are keenly focused on hiring workers with skills, not just a computer science degree. Soft skills, in particular, are highly sought after — especially those gamers acquire while gaming.

android calendar apps

The best calendar apps for Android

Strengthen your Android calendar experience with these standout selections for serious professionals.

google smart chips people chip

How to use smart chips in Google Docs and Sheets

Smart chips are interactive elements you embed in Google documents and spreadsheets. Learn about the different types of smart chips and how to use them for enhanced collaboration.

slack sales elevate

Slack tailors its chat app to sales staff

Slack Sales Elevate provides native access to parent company Salesforce’s Sales Cloud software, with a dedicated home screen and “opportunity view” for sales reps and managers.

Windows Snap Multitasking

Make multitasking a Snap on your Windows PC

Here’s how to put your Windows PC’s ultimate multitasking feature to use — and how to go beyond it for even more power, whether you’re using Windows 11 or Windows 10.

Google Assistant — Google Services

What's going on with Google Assistant?

Is Google giving up on Google Assistant? The answer, like many things you ask Assistant these days, isn't exactly clear.

data speed

New data infrastructure to speed platform performance

The new schemaless architecture, dubbed mondayDB, will strengthen the work management company’s Work OS platform and offer improved levels of scalability and speed to customers.

Pixel 5, Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G

How the Google Pixel Fold could make every Android device better

Even if you don't own Google's fancy new Pixel Fold, the phone could bring a big boost to your Android productivity experience — for three very specific reasons.

Computerworld > Microsoft SharePoint / Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft 365 outage takes out OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online

The company said the outage lasted approximately two hours before it was detected and solved.

cheerful surprised woman with laptop by andrea piacquadio via pexels

8 ways to be more productive in Windows 11

Think Windows 11 can’t give you a productivity boost? Think again. Try these tips to get more accomplished in less time.

Apple iMessage

Apple: Proposed UK law is a ‘serious, direct threat’ to security, privacy

Apple has major concerns about new UK government surveillance laws, which it argues are so over-reaching that tech firms can't possibly meet their requirements.

Copilot Word draft

Microsoft 365 Copilot — a new desktop productivity revolution begins

Microsoft this week fleshed out the plans for its generative AI tool, Copilot. Let the productivity gains begin.

Android Browser Multitasking

A whole new kind of Android browser multitasking power

More efficient multitasking? Yes, please! This handy Android browser hack will change the way you work — for the better.

bing chat ai

Microsoft unveils Copilot pricing, adds new generative AI capabilities

The updates introduced at the company’s annual Inspire conference also include a new Sales Copilot and two new copilot abilities for Micosoft's Dynamics 365 marketing suite.

roller coaster loop by aleksandr popov via unsplash

Microsoft Loop cheat sheet

Microsoft’s new Loop app, available in public preview, provides shared workspaces where teams can collaborate. Here’s how to use it.

Microsoft Windows update cycle arrows with overlay a laptop and mobile phone.

Four zero-days make July 's Patch Tuesday a 'patch now' update

Microsoft rolled out fixes this week for 130 security issues, including four zero-day flaws affecting Windows. Time to patch!

Pixel Shortcuts

15 powerful tricks for your Google Pixel Clock app

Your Pixel phone's Clock app is surprisingly smart and full of thoughtful features, but some of its most exceptional elements are all too easy to overlook.

An exclamation-mark alert in a field of abstract technology.

4 collaboration security mistakes companies are still making

Online collaboration apps have become critical for business, yet many organizations haven’t corrected the security errors they made when rushing to implement these tools at the start of the pandemic.

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