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Jamf: Generative AI is coming to an Apple IT admin near you

Jamf believes generative AI tools can be a big benefit to tech support and IT admin and the company this week revealed its first work in that direction.

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Critical updates for Microsoft Office and Visual Studio drive September's Patch Tuesday

Microsoft this week rolled out 59 updates with its Patch Tuesday update, including critical patches for Microsoft Office and Visual Studio.

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Message to IT: Update all your Apple devices right away

IT should immediately update all enterprise Apple devices with an essential security update to defend against an insidious NSO Group zero-click attack.

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UK rolls back controversial encryption rules of Online Safety Bill

The UK government has said it will not use the powers granted by the Online Safety Bill to compel companies to scan encrypted messages until it becomes “technical feasible” to do so only for information about exploitation and abuse.

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GenAI in productivity apps: What could possibly go wrong?

In addition to controlling the use of ChatGPT and other standalone tools, companies now have to grapple with generative AI being built into the productivity apps their employees use every day.

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With BYOD comes responsibility — and many firms aren't delivering

Researchers warn that almost half of enterprises across Europe still don’t have a formal Bring-Your-Own-Device policy in place.

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New law could turn UK into a hacker's playground

Tech firms will be obliged to share any security updates they need to publish with the UK government before they're released, and the UK can refuse to let them ship.

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Managed Apple IDs, iCloud, and the shadow IT connection

Apple's expansion of managed IDs for business users opens the door to helpful features such as iCloud backup and syncing — but beware of increased data sprawl and siloes.


Why and how to create corporate genAI policies

Adoption of generative AI is happening at a breakneck pace, but potential threats posed by the technology will require organizations to set up guardrails to protect sensitive data and customer privacy — and to avoid running afoul of...

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Jamf Threat Labs subverts iPhone security with fake Airplane Mode

Researchers built a proof-of-concept attack that tricks victims into thinking they are using Airplane Mode while attackers continue to gain network access.

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Zoom goes for a blatant genAI data grab; enterprises, beware (updated)

Zoom stirred up a kerfuffle this month when it amended its terms of service to make execs comfortable that it wouldn’t use Zoom data to train generative AI models. In reality, it was really doing spin control worthy of the sleaziest...

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China hacks the US military and government — the Feds blame Microsoft

Microsoft could soon be in the hot seat in the wake of a Chinese hack aimed at the US government.

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As VR headset adoption grows, privacy issues could emerge

UC-Berkeley researchers found that hand and head motion data could be as good as fingerprints and facial scans at identifying users, raising a host of privacy concerns as headset adoption grows.

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Patch Tuesday: Microsoft rolls out 90 updates for Windows, Office

Microsoft released 90 updates for the Windows and Office platforms this week along with another update for Microsoft Exchange — paired with a warning about failed updates to Exchange Server 2016 and 2019.


Q&A: TIAA's CIO touts top AI projects, details worker skills needed now

Sastry Durvasula, the chief information and client services officer at TIAA, has been leading an initiative to deploy AI in a myriad of business operations to create greater efficiencies and improve client experiences.

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Researchers build a scary Mac attack using AI and sound

Researchers have identified a frightening exploit that means attackers might be able to figure out what you type on your Mac — based on the sound of keyboard taps.

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Has Microsoft cut security corners once too often?

As details about the recent China attack against US government agencies come to light, two details stand out: Microsoft failed to store security keys properly — and the keys were used by attackers even though they'd already expired.

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UK intelligence agencies seek to weaken data protection safeguards

Following a recent review of the Investigatory Powers Act, intelligence agencies are pushing for the government to create a new class of data set that would be exempt from current levels of judicial oversight.

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