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Samsung has a lot to prove with the new Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ look like they could help consumers overlook past issues.

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What's in Samsung's Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones?

Samsung's new Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones look beautiful, and are loaded with new features that could make an upgrade worthwhile.

Samsung Bixby - Artificial Intelligence

'Artificial intelligence' has become meaningless marketing jargon

Watch out, Android users: A new empty buzzword is in town, and it goes by the initials A.I.

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Samsung Bixby -- what the virtual assistant can do

Samsung has officially announced Bixby, its own take on a voice assistant. Here is what it can do

galaxy s8 bixby button

Samsung unveils Bixby voice assistant for upcoming Galaxy S8

Samsung revealed Monday that Bixby, an intelligent voice assistant, will run on the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone being unveiled next week.


Why the Samsung TV spying hack is way overblown

The CIA would have to install a USB key, and then come back and grab the files from a data dump. It doesn't work over Wi-Fi.

What the Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks reveal

Leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy S8 phones have given us a pretty good idea of what to expect.

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Why the lack of physical buttons on the Samsung Galaxy S8 could be an issue

The Samsung Galaxy S8 probably won't have a physical home button on front. That could be a problem.

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Samsung gets 2016 profit jump despite Note 7 debacle

Samsung Electronics said its profit rose almost 20 percent in 2016 despite nearly flat sales and the costly recall of the Note 7 smartphone.

The reason behind the Galaxy Note 7 fires comes as no surprise

Samsung has discovered the reason its Galaxy Note 7 phones were spontaneously catching fire, and it is what everyone expected.

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Samsung's real Galaxy S8 challenge

Forget how Samsung's upcoming smartphone looks or what's inside. The biggest test has little to do with the device itself.

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What Samsung expects from iPhone 8

Samsung wants there to be no difference between iPhone and its own smartphones. That's why whatever you see rumored for future Galaxy devices likely reflects what Samsung expects from the next Apple smartphone.


Samsung's bezel-free Galaxy S8: Rumor roundup and release date

It seems the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the next phone to adopt a bezel-free design.

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Samsung may exit PC business, split in two

Samsung is in the midst of a struggle that could see it split into two companies and ditch its PC business.


Samsung buys Harman to take on the Apple Car

Samsung makes its biggest deal yet to buy a stake in auto.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 to include A.I. assistant named Bixby

Not one to be left behind, Samsung is finally baking an A.I.-based virtual assistant into the Galaxy S8.

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Samsung sales, profits dive on Note 7 recall

Samsung's smartphone division struggled to breakeven between July and September as sales plunged due to the recall of its high-end Note 7.

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Samsung sales and profits dive after Note7 recall

Samsung's smartphone division struggled to breakeven between July and September as sales plunged due to the recall of its high-end Note7.

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Samsung faces lawsuit from Note7 owners who couldn’t use their phones

Samsung’s problems with lawsuits from alleged victims of overheating batteries in the Galaxy Note7 smartphone could get compounded by consumers suing for compensation of carrier charges.


5 Apple lessons Samsung must learn after its Note 7 disaster

To innovate succesfully Samsung has to focus on itself, not its competitor

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